Pursuit of Prettiness #4

This week's 'Pursuit of Prettiness' is based on my horrible, horrible skin. Any readers who, like me, live in London will have noticed the effect that the big city has on the skin- and it ain't pretty!

As with all things skin care, it's tricky to generalise- some people find city life to dry their skin, others see it breaking out and the lucky ones, like yours truly, get to experience a delightful mix of both! This leaves my skin blemished around my hairline and chin, but horribly dry around my nose and forehead.

Combined with my poor diet, stress and terrible habit of leaving make-up on overnight, my skin has gone from bad to terrible, and I have been at a loss for a while. It's a vicious cycle of breakout > caked make-up > clogged pores > more spots and it is not easy to combat. I have, however, found a way to keep my skin looking far brighter and clearer for summer.

Firstly, I remove make-up and cleanse twice with Clearasil foaming wash until my skin is squeaky clean. One wash to remove dirt and the other to clean deep into the pores. I then apply a little Dermatalogica scrub around my nose and forehead to eliminate dry skin and I then pat my skin dry. This is the perfect base for the essential tool in my pursuit of prettiness: moisturiser.

I have had a real love/hate relationship with moisturisers all my life- some seem harmless but leave my sensitive skin stinging, while others absorb instantly but do next to nothing to my skin moisture levels. I think, however, I may have found one that does the trick.

There are numerous moisturisers out there for oily skin, but the new Herbalife Nourifusion multivitamin moisturizer for normal to oily skin is the best I have tried (£20.20). The SPF15 wonder cream is nourishing and smoothing with vitamins A, C and E, and it sinks in straight away with no greasy or clogging feel.

Apply it morning and evening to notice a huge improvement to problem skin without worrying about oiliness. I suggest applying to dry areas and using the old faithful Sudocrem on inflamed or problem pimples!

Find where to buy Nourifusion online here.
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