Pursuit of Prettiness #5

It is an unwritten rule that all good beauty products should smell nice. Okay, perhaps that is stretching it a little, but how much more enjoyable is applying a beautifully scented lotion than slathering on an unscented cream. As much as Keihl's Creme de Corps is a cult product, I find it infinitely boring and find myself crying for Laura Mercier or Nip+Fab as I can't bear a body cream without a decadent sweet scent.

The same goes for foundation (Bourjois foundation smells like make-up should!), for fake tan (I hate, hate, hate that biscuity smell- click here for a tan that's almost odourless) and for hair products (next POP piece? Totally Baked by Tigi Bedhead.. Mmm). It is all about the smell for me, and if a product ticks that box, as well as all the others, it's a keeper.

This week's favourite is my new big fat pot of The Breakfast Scrub by Soap and Glory. Boots enticed me in with a 3 for 2 offer across bodycare, skincare and fake tan, and I spent ages working out which wittily titled scrub to plump for. I certainly, 100% made the right choice.

I have always been a lover of Soap & Glory- and for years it was the only beauty brand that I was truly obsessed with. Every Christmas and Birthday I would receive numerous gift set, often accumulating three or four of the same product, and managing to use every last morsel. I just love everything about the brand. The packaging is kitsch and fun, the products smell beautiful, the bodycare and skincare products are superlative and it is amazingly good value. No wonder it's such a success and has even expanded into make-up (I am eager to try some!)

I used to go through a pot of Flake Away every month, but got out of this habit on moving to uni, no longer able to slip numerous beauty products into Mum's Boots basket. This week, though, I decided that the time had come to get a little glow back for summer, and work on getting well and truly rid of that horrible winter dry skin. I am spoilt for choice with Soap & Glory scrubs, but I HAD to try the Breakfast Scrub and I am more than happy with it.

Soap and Glory scrubs are so good because they are not overly liquid. They are sugary and balmy and do exactly what they say on the tin. Nothing makes my skin smoother, and nothing I have ever used has smelled better. If I could find a perfume that smelled like The Breakfast Scrub i'd buy a gallon. The oaty scrub is enriched with bananas, almond and honey, it smells like pancakes dripping in glossy maple syrup... It is truly divine and I Soap & Glory to make a full range involving a body souffle, a body spray and a massive candle so I can stop constantly sniffing the tub.

It also works miraculously. If you scrub it in before stepping in the shower- all over your body in circular motions- your skin will be enviably smooth and beach ready.

The sweetest product around and my new favourite indulgence! (£9.45 here)
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