Daddy's Girl?

I am, and always will be, a bit of a daddy's girl. I'm a mummy's girl too, obviously, but I love my dad to pieces and he means the world to me. While he'll never understand my pointless strops and turbulent moods, nine times out of ten, father knows best.

He's grumpy, bless him, he can lose his temper and he keeps stealing my Grazia, but he is also unselfish, funny and all he wants is to make his three girls happy- as most dad's do. It's so cheesy to say, but he is one in a million and every day I count myself lucky to have him. 

I genuinely do not know what i'd do without my dad, and i'm sure you'll all feel the same, so make sure you spoil him rotten this coming Sunday for Father's Day.

I know, I know, men are tricky to buy for. You don't want to get them something crap, but everything they want they tend to have! My dad is a total nightmare to buy for, but here is a little booklet with a few failsafe buys for dad! The pork pie is my best best- what man doesn't love a pork pie, eh?

However, Dad, if you're reading, no pies for you- those pork scratchings you bought in Selfridges are already taking their toll on that ever expanding belly of yours! (I joke...)

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