Fattening Up

A pretty Pav-love-a made with Scottish strawberries
My sisters red, white and blue cupcakes for Fathers Day
Summer fruit salad with almond panna cotta and lemon sorbet at Kai Mayfair
Kir Royale at Aubaine in Selfridges Shoe Gallery
Turnip Cakes at Kai Mayfair
Father's Day chocolate cupcakes with vanilla meringue icing and jelly gems
If you've been reading the blog for a while, you'll probably know that i'm obsessed with food (with good reason... read here) and now, as everyone else is honing their bikini bodies at the gym and cutting down on their favourite treats (incidentally if you're looking to lose a few pounds without going too far, read The Londoner's Anti-Diet post here), I am being told to up my monstrous 2000 calories a day to 2500, even though i'm perfectly happy with my weight at present. Mum is less so.

So, in a bid to pack in as much food as possible I am eating everything in sight. As long as it's pretty, of course. So here are some of my lovely foodie delights from the past week. If you'd like the recipe for the pav-love-a or my sisters fabulous chocolate meringue cupcakes please do just let me know!

Enjoy your gym sessions and salads girls, bizarrely I ENVY YOU.   
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