Making Bikinis Bearable

Summer is upon us, and with it comes the mighty bikini body breakdown. If you're reading this and feel 100% happy in a itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bikini, then please do jog on (not really- i'm just jeal). 

It's the one part of summer that I really do not look forward to- I HATE BIKINIS. I hate having to compare myself to other bikini-clad ladies, I hate having nothing to hide behind and I hate being unable to stuff my face with a three course breakfast, as is customary at a hotel breakfast buffet. I could write a lengthy list of complaints about my body, as well as a lengthy list of women who's body I would rather have, but I won't bore ya. 

Instead, here is my little bible of how to make the most of what you've got in time for summer- a little guide on how to feel OK in your bikini (or swimsuit). I'm not saying you'll feel, or look, like Miranda Kerr, but here are a few pearls of wisdom that make stripping down to a bikini a little more bearable in my experience.


It is a well known fact that everyone looks a gazillion times better with a tan. Whether or not you tan naturally, if you want to feel good in a bikini I would suggest faking it a few days before you jet off. St Tropez do a great Everyday tan for beginners (here's a wee review by moi) while I love Fake Bake for something deeper. Try a gel to get one that will be pool-resistant. If you're taking on some serious poolside posing, i'd suggest some L'Oreal Glam Bronze instant. You'll be giving Doutzen Kroes a run for her money in no time! 

1. H&M (£3.99 top £3.99 bottoms)
2. Agent Provocateur (£50 top £35 bottoms)
3. Gucci (£205)
4. River Island (£17 top £13 bottoms)

A Little Black Bikini is the way to go. You're not Rihanna, so that tiger print one was never going to feel great, and as for all those neon ones- the less said, the better! A little black bikini is failsafe. It's sexy with a tan, works under any cover up and is as forgiving as such a tiny morsel of fabric could possibly be. Always my favourite. 


Do. Not. Slouch. If you're wanting to look slender in your swimwear you need to know which angles flatter your body. I'm not saying you need to "chill" by the pool with your hand on your hip, your chest out and your best duck face on, but just make sure that you'r standing and sitting tall. When a camera comes out (shudder) do not hold your towel up over your stomach and cower away! Instead just put your hands on your hips, tighten your abdominal muscles and lean into one hip: foolproof. 


It's the one you don't want to read, but if you're 100% intent on rocking a bikini, you may have to put down the brownie/chip/Kopparberg, for now at least. If you start watching what you eat- nothing drastic- up to a month before you go on holiday, you will notice that a few pounds drop off. A great way to detox is to cut out the calorific alcohol and fizzy drinks or to do some smart snacking. My favourite smart (deceptively low calorie) snacks include Propercorn, Apples Snapz, THIS amazing non fat "ice cream" and plenty of rice cakes. Swap your favourite sarnie for healthy lunches like these, or this or a few bowls of this and you'll be laughing!


I'll try and take my own advice on this one. Instead of hiding behind a t-shirt, be confident in your body and do not for one second start comparing yourself to others! I am a firm believer that everyone is beautiful and confidence is the most beautiful thing of all. Before you head to the beach look yourself in the mirror and instead of dissecting all the bits you hate, pick out the three things you love! Keep those in mind when you feel self conscious. You may not be a supermodel, but nobody expects you to look perfect. Love what you have!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please don't hesitate to leave a comment :)

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