Nail Art: Union Jack Joy

My patriotic nails!

Hello and welcome to SW Fashion's thousandth Jubilee related post!

Okay, maybe i'm exaggerating slightly, but I know i'm banging on about it a little bit too much! That said, where is the problem in being a little bit patriotic, eh? I'm just doing the Royals proud.

Today I took my patriotic passions to my fingertips and attempted union jack nail art. Despite my shaky hands and INABILITY TO USE NAIL PENS I managed to do something that looked a little bit decent.

I do not think I am quite ready to get ambitious and attempt it on all my nails, so have opted for just me thumbs. On the rest? A muted gold by NARS (Senryou) as my silver glitter polish is at home, unfortunately.

I'm not saying they are flawless, and i'm the first to admit that up close they are pretty shoddy, but they are good by my standards!

Here's a little how to to get your Jubilee nails sorted in time for all those street parties tomorrow. Perfect with Pimms (not so perfect after Pimms- I shouldn't think nail art and alcohol are best of friends.)

1. Paint your whole nail in royal blue (my pick is King Tuts Gem by Jessica)

2. Paint a bright red cross on the nail (I went for Nails Inc in Victoria- my favourite red)

3. Line around the cross with a white nail art pen (WAH for Models Own is my favourite)

4. Add white lines diagonally across the blue for your complete Union Jack look!

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