I just thought i'd share with you my work over the past two months. It's been some serious blood, sweat and tears (two weeks ago I entered into a zombie-like state induced by InDesign) but I hope you will agree that PRIMROSE magazine has been worth it.

PRIMROSE is a result of our "London Calling" assignment. We had to create a magazine for a fashion tribe in one of London's fashion villages, so naturally I chose my beloved Primrose Hill... Our tribe? Read it and see!

So many people were keen to be involved, and it really has been a learning curve! Thanks to:

Tom Johnson Photography
Photographer on our 'Bitch Please' shoot
Sheena Bulsara
Bespoke jewellery designer
Cheyenne Raymond
Hair and Make-Up on our 'Bitch Please' shoot
Primrose Hill Interiors
Location and jewellery for our 'Bitch Please' shoot
Waggin' Tails
Dog accessories for MJ
Julia Caesar
Our beautiful model and cover star
Monsieur Jacques and Yvonne
Our other cover star and his lovely owner

Stay tuned for future projects, as I feel i've got a bit of a taste for magazines now... 

Please do let me know what you think, and I really do hope you like it. Love it even!

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