Zig a Zig Wah

Since I had the evening to myself, I thought i'd give some fun nail art a go and went for a leopard print design as seen in my amazing WAH nails book (read about it here) 

I had always thought that I was far too shaky of hand to pull off such a look, but even with my oozing nail art pens I managed to do a fairly decent job of adding a classy but wild edge to my petite nails. 

In the WAH book they recommend a pastel blue base, but I wanted something a little more subtle so opted for my favourite muted grey polish- Covent Garden Ballet, part of the Nails Inc A-Lister collection- as a base, inspired by a favourite summer dress of mine in a cloudy charcoal leopard print.

So how do you go about doing this look? It's a lot easier than you might expect!

1. Start by painting your nails a base colour of your choice. You can keep it simple with a taupe or grey, or pretty with a delicate pastel or zingy with a fluoro polish! Another option is to paint the base white and have the spots coloured rather than white (see a how-to on one of my favourite beauty blogs HERE)

2. Leave polish to dry before carefully dotting a white polish around the nails. Scatter the spots randomly but try to keep them relatively small. As I said before, though, you can swap the white polish for a variety of brights if you're going for a white base.

3. Once dry, take a nail art pen and draw circles and semi-circles around each dot. They needn't be particularly neat- as leopard print is never precise.

4. Once you're satisfied, fill in any gaps with little black spots or dashes to add a bit of life and you are ready to roar.

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