Good Sport

Sometimes I see something in a shop and I just feel like it was made for me. Something so on the money that I just want to grab it from the rail and run to the till before anyone else swipes it, so gorgeous that it's as if the design team had sat down and gone "Shona Wallace needs a new party dress and she's loving white, strapless and lace this season. LET'S DO THIS!"

This jumper, however is not one of those things. This cool sweater by Ashish at Topshop could not be less suited to me, and I think that is why I love it.

I have never been a sporty sort. Save a year of obsessively pounding the treadmill, I generally don't move much. At all.

I enjoy the gym or the odd swim and I love a bit of yoga but sport? Do jog on.

The two or three times that I actually partook in PE at school were truly awful. I remember one particular moment during a game of rounders where I had to scramble after a tennis ball, on my knees, as the rest of the class watched and laughed. You cruel, cruel people- i'm scarred.

I just feel that this jumper is charmingly ironic for me to wear with customary skinny Abercrombie jeans, ballet pumps or ankle boots and a lovely handbag.

It's available for £50 and is the perfect way to get into the Olympic spirit without having to endure central London.

What do you think of this jumper? I'm smitten!

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