In The Betty Buff

I am a little bit obsessed with body scrubs. I like a good lotion, a shower gel here and there, but i'm a sucker for a grainy, sugary scrub.

I have expressed my love of Soap and Glory scrubs in the past and just thought i'd share with you my latest scrub discovery which I am very excited about!

Behold, Betty Buff.

If, like me, you are a scrub-fiend you will literally be in paradise when you head to Betty Buff's website. The nicest thing is that these heavy duty body polishes are in fact formulated for sensitive skins, so shouldn't be leaving me all red and patchy (as most scrubs do... pretty.)

Reading through all the variations of completely natural body scrubs you will be spoilt for choice- most sound good enough to eat! From zesty Lime and ginger to cooling peppermint, these kitch scrubs are a must-have.

I was lucky enough to try a trio of scrubs and I am glad to say that they did not disappoint. They each smell absolutely divine- the chocolate is my favourite!- and they do exactly what they do on the tin.

The Scrummy Choco scrub initially appears to be quite a dry scrub, but applied to damp skin it transforms into the perfect consistency to banish dry skin and give a much-needed glow. The Zesty Besty scrub smells just like marmalade and is a slightly more liquid scrub, perfect for waking you up in the morning, and the Rosie-Posy Jubilee scrub is a perfectly sugary texture which is ideal for tanning prep.

I love everything about these scrubs and I would 100% recommend a purchase- they are a total bargain, and very kind to your skin.

Betty Buff also offer scrubs for men (Gunky Monkey) as well as shea-butter enriched scrubs for super-sensitive skin types.

The lovely little catalogue that comes with your order contains some great tips on getting the most out of your scrub. I personally would recommend using once or twice a week on damp skin and scrubbing away until your heart's content! Follow with a rich body moisturiser or gradual tan to keep that glow in tact.

I will certainly be making a purchase at Betty Buff in the future and am excited to try the new Sweetie collection made with freeze dried fruits (Candy Floss, Lemon Sherbet and Banoffee- mmm!)

Have you tried Betty Buff or any other great beauty brands? Let me know! 
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