Pop the Question!


I'm lusting after a wedding dress. Fear not, I'm not some sort of crazed lady planning my wedding sans groom, I have simply laid eyes on the Richard Nicoll for Topshop bridal collection.

I'm not sure I would ever choose to buy the most important dress of my life in faithful Toppers, but the dresses are rather gorgeous and would make for perfect party wear.

This pretty little dress is my favourite piece. I have an expensive addiction to white/cream dresses so this collection by Richard Nicoll really has tickled my fancy.

I think I'd rather have something hand crafted by Riccardo Tisci for my nuptials, but I will certainly make do with these beautiful dresses for the time being. They are rather costly but are staple party dresses that you can dress up or (reasonably) down.

I would add a grungy touch to the dress with smudgy kohl rimmed eyes (Chanel eyeliner is my pick- i'm swayed by the built-in smudger and free sharpener!) and studded Zara ankle booties.

Wedding belle perfection!

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