Pursuit of Happiness

So stats this week have revealed who's happy, and who ain't, in our humble country. In yesterday's Sunday Times, I read that a new survey has revealed that Brits rank their life an average 7.2 out of 10 with women happier than men and people aged 45-54 most unhappy (men buy a jaguar, women be a cougar: simples) So basically, is cording to this survey, if you are an 18 year old Indian girl living in Orkney with your doting hubby, you are sure to be happy as Larry.

Can't argue with the stats here I'm afraid! So where do you rank? For me, living in London means I am supposed to be more satisfied with my life, and at eighteen I really should be cheery 24/7. But I'm not, am I? I'm right grumpy, me.

So it got me thinking, what ACTUALLY makes me happy, and I came up with this definitive list. Aside from the usual things (my lovely family, friends, my dog...don't judge), these are my top simple pleasures that will ALWAYS put a smile on that miserable face of mine.

A Lovely Jog

I know, I know, I'm not allowed to jog but it's one thing that genuinely makes me so happy. Running with some great music is one of my favourite things to do.

A Starbucks Skinny Capp

It is sad, I know, but I love sitting down and relaxing with a warm frothy coffee and just watching the world go by.

Fat Pigeons

They. Are. So. Funny. Try and be angry whilst looking at a fat pigeon, I implore you.

Watching Nigella Lawson in my pyjamas

I love her so much. I could literally watch Nigella shows all day long! Same applies to Episodes, 2 Broke Girls, Masterchef and GBBO (coz I love Rob from off of GBBO... still)

Toast with Butter and Heinz Ketchup

Again. Don't judge. It's SO GOOD and the ultimate comfort food after cold baked beans or bangers and mash.

Liberty of London

That's all: Liberty makes me very happy.

Fizzy Wine

A simple pleasure- the ultimate indulgence. Preferably with a bath, Laura Mercier bath honey and Ryan Gosling.

Anything written by Caitlin Moran or Grace Dent

Coz they is well funny. Caitlin's book contains some seriously hilarious moments as well as wisdom (if you fight with yourself, even if you win you lose: this quote is getting me through my ED. Thanks Caitlin!) Grace Dent is equally hilar- her defining a Corgi as a cross between a dog and a llama was a personal Jubillee highlight.

Ondine restaurant in Edinburgh

So many lovely evenings in this beautiful restaurant with a dozen oysters, a glass of Pol Roger and always a great time.


Okay, you've probably never heard of it but I am biggin up the East Neuk of Fife. We have a little cottage in this quaint seaside town and I love nothing more than walking along the coast listening to Pulp, Bob Dylan and The Stones. Then getting a big bag of toffee bonbons and playing Scene It with the family

Listening to Piazza New York Catcher

This Belle and Sebastian song makes me right chirpy. Simply listen to this and look at a fat pigeon. You will be every bit as happy as the afore mentioned 18 year old Indian in Orkney.

If none of these things make you happy, I'd seek medical help*

What really makes you smile, and what do you think of today's stats? Would you say your life warrants a cool 7 out of 10, or higher or lower? Tweet me @SWfashion_ or comment below.

* don't actually seek medical help... A hug might work. Or try Dr Ben & Dr Jerry

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