GB Gold

Hey guys, did you hear that the Olympics were on?

Such a joker.

I don't know about you but i'm a little bit glued to my screen as these inspirational athletes take London by storm and, by jove, aren't us Brits doing well?!

It's no secret that we have some incredibly talented young athletes, but I never for one second expected Team GB to do quite so brilliantly. It's helping matters that Stella's kit is the best of them all- other nations are clearly well jeal.

As I have been flyering like a crazy woman trying to get some summer money (so I can keep up my expensive Zara habit) I have not managed to embrace the Olympic spirit as much as I would have liked. I'm actually so gutted that I haven't had time to attempt some Olympic inspired baking, or to sit in the sun in the Olympic towel my lucky parents bought after watching Jess Ennis get her gold (lucky devils). However, I have decided to paint my nails in a glistening gold that is podium-ready.

This manicure is even more British than THIS ONE. Team GB are all about the gold. I used a metallic base (two coats) by Nails Inc and topped off with one coat of Nails Inc gold glitter polish. That way my nails don't get totally destroyed by glitter polish and the finish is far softer and less garish. 

Definitely worth a try, and a great way to enhance a summer tan from this sudden burst of sun! 

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