Spice is Nice

Firstly i'd like to apologise for a lack of posts, I have been interning this week and shall be for the next three so best get used to a news/twitter feed that is not clogged up by my constant blog chat. Which I know you love... deep down.

Still I had to, just had to, post about the Olympics Closing Ceremony. Yup, i'm a tad behind, but i've just not had the time to post.

It was, to be frank, a bizarre evening. Only in Britain would you have Russell Brand masquerading as Willy Wonka, Jessie J murdering a Queen classic and Kate Moss looking so-hot-there-are-no-words in McQueen. Brits are the masters of the wonderfully weird, so I suppose the closing ceremony was simply true to form.

I actually kind of loved it, except for the NOTABLE BOWIE EXCEPTION. How, oh how, can you give me a little Bowie montage and then not deliver the marvellous man himself? Unforgivable... Well almost.

Then we got the Spice Girls and life was good again.

Aaah. The Spice Girls. It's easy to forget that we once lived in Spice World. One Direction mayhem is nothing compared to the Spice Girl hysteria! I don't see pre-teens playing with Liam and Harry Barbie dolls (and I hope to god I never do see such a thing) and I do not think we will be queuing up to see a One Direction movie any time soon (note: not a biopic, a PROPER GOOD FILM). Yes, the boys from 1D do have an army of squealing female fans, but that is simply because they are nice and handsome, girls loved the Spice Girls for an entirely different reason- girl power. 

Geri Halliwell is not exactly the next Germaine Greer and the diva-ish ways of Mel B don't make her the most worthy role model, but I truly miss how comparatively innocent they were. I know it wasn't all platforms and bunches, but the girls always looked like they were having a blast! Having a great time without gyrating about in lingerie singing about the exciting qualities of chains and whips...

On that note, I say bring back the Spices full time. 

Failing that, someone come see Viva Forever with me?... I promise I won't sing along... Much. 

So what were your thoughts on the ceremony?! Do let me know! 

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