A Blether About Leather

So summer is basically over, without actually having existed, and now the autumn collections are landing in stores ready to attack my credit card with their irresistible velvety, lacy, tweedy loveliness. Curse you, Zara and Topshop, you are both repeat offenders and if I did not love you so very much, I would hate you.

When I initially cast a beady eye over the AW collections I cannot say I was overly impressed. I felt that there were very few collections that were exciting, without being novelty, and I was a little bit perturbed by similarity to previous seasons. However, I now stand corrected. Whilst rifling through my wardrobe in a bid to find something- ANYTHING- to wear for Vogue’s FNO, I realised that I’m stuck in a fashion rut. It’s all cream, or peach, and it’s all a little bit dated. An update is certainly in order, and I know just where to start.

It is time, I think, to go to the opposite end of the scale. From soft to sinister, from blush to black, from lace to leather. Suddenly I am experiencing some sort of leather love-in and I cannot get enough.

There is something about leather that is more than a little bit alluring. While looking girly is all well and good, I have suddenly decided I want to be cool. When I grow up, you know.

Leather is the uniform of the cool. I am not talking about beardy ginger men straddling Harley Davidson’s or about Catwoman costumes that do the rounds at Hallowe’en, I am instead talking about the leather that has been on the catwalks for season, which is just so very right for now.

I know that you can hardly move for leather shorts at the moment, and that leather skirts are everywhere, but there is no denying that a bit of leather goes a long way and is the perfect update for now.

I am particularly obsessing about leather dresses, from sexy little shifts through to peplum hemmed River Island tunics. I love the juxtaposition between the prettiness of a flirty dress and the edginess of leather. Leather is hard, leather is sexy and leather is a little bit naughty, it is everything that my beloved chiffon isn’t really.

My only bugbearer with leather, though, is that it is far from forgiving. While Heidi Klum and the models at Balmain can rock a leather legging at ease, it is far less appealing to a mere human like myself, particularly given my fondness for white wine and risotto.

Leather is, unfortunately, not a girl’s best friend. A leather pencil skirt may look absolutely killer on Carine Roitfeld, but a bit of a bloat and suddenly that gamine charm is a gonner and you become Kat Slater’s long lost sister. It is not easy to wear but when it is good, it is great.

Leather is unforgiving and a little intimidating, but therein lies its draw. Fashion shouldn’t be a breeze, sometimes we have to try something a little out our comfort zones. For me, leather is just the ticket.

Where do you stand on my leather love-in? Stay tuned for my favourite leather picks for the season ahead!
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