Flat-spo: Bohemian Belles

1. H&M Cushion £9.99
2. Zara Home Tumbler £3.99
3. M&S Paisley Print Cushion £19.50
4. Zara Home Paisley Storage Boxes £9.99-£15.99
5. Zara Home Lantern £39.99
6. Zara Home Tumbler £3.99 (also great for make-up brushes and tea-lights!)
7. Zara Home Tumbler £2.99
Oh, with the puns again, I really am awful...

Anyway, this is the first of a few posts i'm doing in the run up to moving into my new flat in West London (sounds so much posher than it is!) just to help me decide how to decorate my new bedroom.

I feel that it is super-duper important to make whatever space you have very much your own. Whether you are residing in a penthouse apartment in The Shard or a prison-like room in halls, it's all about the decor.

I personally love to take a theme and stick to it when decorating my room, and it is usually a theme that allows for plenty of individuality and creativity. In my home in Edinburgh, my room is simple and monochrome with the main decor being Vogue-based collages and beautiful advertorials ripped from the pages of my favourite glossies.

For my new flat, though, i'm torn between a few different themes, so would love to get a bit of feedback from you guys about it! I also felt it was a good time to post just as so many of you are off to uni at the moment, or your first flat, and it's always nice to know what is out their to make your space a little more homely. I christen this, my friends, Flat-spiration, or Flat-spo.

First up we have the Bohemian Belle look which I just adore! I love this laid-back, Moroccan inspired look and think it would look great in a slightly messy student home, as mine is sure to become.
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