Flat-Spo: Cutie Coo!

1. Zara Mohair Throw £99.99
2. Paperchase Frame £5
3. Urban Outfitters East End Prints Wall Art £25
4. Word to Wall at Etsy £3.88 per tile
5. Macaroon Trinket Boxes, Not On The High Street £7.99 each
6. Zara Ornamental Bird Cage £39.99
7. Zara Lace Detail Tumbler £2.99
8. Not On The High Street Mirror £38

Another week, another fantasy interiors post to get me feeling REALLY rubbish about the fact that i'm skint. Oh well, onwards and upward!

I thought i'd go all sweetness and light on you and present you with some pretty, pastelly, cutesy- wootsey-woo home goodies. I absolutely adore all these light hearted treats that should get me through all those stressful uni days!

I love, love, love these macaroon trinket boxes, shown to me by a friend, and i'm certainly popping them on the Christmas list (too early you say? PAH we've entered the "-embers") 

I also have my little heart set on popping a few of these charming scrabble tiles up on my wall spelling out something uplifting- any suggestions? 

And nobody suggest YOLO, okay?
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