Pursuit of Prettiness: Road to Rapunzel

1. Hair Growth Shampoo £6.99
2. Hair Growth Treatment £7.99
3. Hair Growth Conditioner £6.99

As you know from my previous post on hair regrowth (see it here), I am struggling to get some life back into my slightly dreary locks. However, shock horror, my hair is starting to grow- I HAVE ROOTS!

So, to ensure that this growth keeps on going, and I can get myself a nice mop of Middleton-esque hair, I have decided to invest in a whole lotta nourishing treatments for my locks.

Having read great things about the Lee Stafford Hair Growth collection, I had to give it a go. It's been in rather high demand since it's recent launch and until now I have not been able to get my hands on the full collection but, thanks to the big fat Boots in Westfield, I have now got the full collection standing pride of place on my shelf.

The collection comprises of three products: the shampoo, the treatment and the conditioner, all promising to nourish hair at the roots and therefore stimulate healthy and luscious growth. It also smells rather tasty.

Last night I gave it a little try and I have to say i'm muchas impressed. I began (obviously) with the shampoo, working it into a creamy, luxurious lather that belies it's £6.99 price tag. Mr Lee Stafford then directed me to pop a big egg-sized dollop of the treatment on to my hair and leave for five minutes to work it's magic. Washing the rich treatment out, my hair already lovely and silky, and just a teensy bit of conditioner was required to lock the moisture into my parched locks.

Blow drying my hair as normal, I noticed that it felt unbelievably smooth- as of yet I have not noticed some gigantic growth spurt, but give it time! The healthier the hair, the faster it grows, and this treatment is perhaps the best I have tried, especially given it's fabulous price (it even beats Bumble & Bumble Mending Masque I reckon!)

I definitely recommend giving it a go if you're looking to give your hair a little TLC, or just wish to mix up your shower routine.

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