Six Weeks To 'Are You Kidding Me?'

Brekkie? I'll just have my porridge, thanks.

Let us not lie, we are all obsessed with our bodies. Too fat, too thin, whatever, we are a bunch of body obsessors and it's getting cray-zay.

Alas, it is not our fault! We are a nation fixated, nigh on infatuated, with being slim. We are conditioned to view ourselves as inadequate with every front page declaring a size 10 singer curvy or, worse, fat. "Why don't you look like Miranda Kerr you lazy brute? It's probably all those pizzas, have a salad instead, without the dressing. Stop enjoying yourself: BE THIN."

Perhaps the media are a little slyer than that, but increasingly they are starting to sound just like the anorexic minx that plagues every sufferer's mind. "You could be skinnier than all your friends... Just skip breakfast and get your energy from espresso. It's easy!". These are genuinely the principles of a diet that has seen a huge amount of coverage this summer: the totally tragic "SIX WEEKS TO OMG!"

It is the first diet to promote skinniness rather than health, a skinniness that is unattainable if it is not your natural build. It is promoting excessive exercise, skipping breakfast, dipping into a freezing bath to shock your body into fat burning. It is, quite frankly, sickening and I can't believe that it is receiving so much attention, as well as topping the best sellers lists, confirming what I had feared- we are no longer a nation obsessed with being thin, we are now a nation obsessed with being skinny. Great.

You can argue, of course, and please do let me know your thoughts, but it feels like our perception of what is healthy, and what is beautiful, is becoming even more skewed and, ultimately, detrimental. "SIX WEEKS TO OMG" first hit the shelves just as the beautifully slender Kate Upton was being labelled "fat". A size eight, guys, a SIZE EIGHT.

No, Grazia , she is not curvy, no, Daily Mail, she is not voluptuous, SHE IS TINY. She looks like all women should wish they did and it scares me that we no longer want to look like a goddess with boobs, a bum and a flat stomach and instead want to mirror catwalk models, coveting their thigh-gaps, protruding clavicles and xylophone ribs.

It is horrifying and I cannot for the life of me see what can be done to change this. It scares me, what actually needs to happen to make us wake up and realise that skinniness is not always attainable and for the masses is not healthy?

How on earth are all the boys and girls suffering from eating disorders supposed to beat them? It's an uphill struggle and it is becoming even harder these days. Something desperately needs to change.

The skinny obsession is everywhere now. On the way to the hospital last month, I held my head in my hands, desperately dreading my imminent weigh-in. I then looked up as my Bakerloo line train pulled into a station, and was greeted by a gigantic poster for "SIX WEEKS TO OMG" Helpful, TFL, thanks.

Part of me feels, though, that it is too late for things to change.

Please let me know your thoughts.


Apologies that this post is a bit out of date... I found it on my iPad, which I have only just bothered to charge today for the first time since Barcelona!


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