Friendly Fashion

From Terry's Diary

Keira Knightley has come out and said that fashion can be "unfriendly". Wagging the finger at skinny pants and mini skirts, Knightley has confirmed what we all knew- fashion, as much as we love it, it ain't really our friend.

It is like the popular girl at school. It is bitchy, and it makes you feel crap, but you secretly want it to like you. I want fashion to like me, I want to be street style snapped and I want people to tell me I look totes fabulous. I want people to notice that I have got "glossy blackberry" lips, inspired by Pat MacGrath, I want to buy those viciously studded Zara boots and have passers-by kiss the ground I walk on. I want to be sexy, but scary, hot, but cool- y'know?

I am, of course, none of these things, and I am as far from the fashion stereotype as you could ever imagine. Last night, for example, I ate a block of Muller light, a frozen yogurt endeavour gone horribly wrong. I am not cool, I am not a "hipster" (no matter what you call yourself, guys, you are a hipster and always will be) and I am not remotely interested in the farcical aspects of fashion. Fashion, in every sense of the word, is my true love,  even if that love is not always reciprocated.

The thing with this broad fashion industry is that once you break down the frosty exterior, there really is a place for everyone. While some trends are not suitable for the chunky of thigh or the flabby of upper arm (c'est moi), the world of fashion covers so much more than just spray-on denim and tasselled miniskirts. 

I have no time for the people who turn the fashion industry into a laughing stock. While I giggle at P'Trique's quips on the fashion crowd, I am less than impressed by the people who actually behave in such a vain. I truly do believe (and hope) that there is a big place for nice people in the fashion industry and while I have not been rubbing shoulders with the elite in Paris, the majority of people I have met have pleasantly surprised me.

As far as "unfriendly" garments go, though, you just need to take a look at the coats around for Winter to realise that fashion has never been more forgiving. If you worry your body isn't quite up to Karl's narrow standards, then why not shrug on a cocoon coat and tell him where to go? Simple.
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