Halloween Hibernation

an assortment of Halloween recipes  
1. Pink Cocoon Coat £85
2. Grey Wool Coat by Miso at Republic £60
3. Navy Coat by Chalayan at Avenue 32 £1350

Muuuhahahaha. Happy Halloween my lovely readers!

And also congratulations to Mum and Dad who are celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary today in Paris... Yes, they married on Halloween. That's why i'm such a gargoyle/witch/devil-child/gremlin/demon goat (delete as appropriate lads)

Oh, and, if you're reading this Dad, there is a gorgeous handbag in Céline with my name on it, I feel it's only fair given that i'm am the glue that holds your marriage together, obvs.

OKAY so back to Halloween. You may be wondering what relevance this selection of cocoon coats has to Halloween, and rightly so... Well, my pretties, I have come to the conclusion that this season fashion has decided to be a little more forgiving... -ish.

One huge trend is the oversized look which I have come to realise is the PERFECT excuse to stuff our faces with the delectable, devilish treats I have included above.

Pair these cocooning, cosy, roomy old coats with your faithful black skinny jeans, towering Jeffrey Campbells and you're good to go! No one will ever know (or care) that you're hiding too many cakes under that big fat Toppers coat. 

If you're more interested in satisfying your sweet tooth, then check out these ghoulish but glorious recipes!

If  you have any more delicious dastardly recipes, trick-or-tweet me @SWfashion_ or pop a comment below. 

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