Pursuit of Prettiness: The Gothic Lip

MAC Matte Lipstick in Lady Danger £14

I love this rich tomato red, a subtle take on the gothic look. Apply with a make-up brush for precision and pair with minimal make-up. It is a slightly drier formula so try a balm on top for extra nourishment. It is particularly pretty on warmer skintones- fairer types should stick to Russian Red with it's cool blue tones.  

NARS Liquid Lip Colour in Nana £17.50

This one looks scarier than it is! I expected it to be nearly black and was sceptical to try it, but I have to say I rather liked the final effect. It goes on like a patent, blackberry stain and has some incredible staying power. I was too much of a wuss to wear more than one coat, but I really loved it layered over Topshop Lips in Hazard. A slick and stylish way to wear the trend. 

I think this one has to be my favourite- it is also the most gothic. It is a deep purple, almost black, and has a nourishing, creamy texture that feels rather luxurious. I loved the colour and felt it flattered my cool skintone perfectly. It is perfect shade of wine meets rich, regal purple tones. It certainly belies it's Boots pricetag.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RS612 £17

I used this one for more of a tint approach- one that would be better suited to an older lady or one less adventurous when it comes to vampy lip colours. This is a gorgeous, glossy lipstick which, after one application, is sheer and nourishing and, I found, rather plumping on the lips. The colour is not the most intense, unfortunately, but for wearability this one has to be a winner. I found that the plum complemented my blonde hair rather well also. 

Topshop lips in Beguiled £8

Of the three Topshop darker lipsticks I tried, this one had to be my favourite. The others were gorgeous also, but I loved this rich blackberry shade- it is so luxurious and a little goes a long way! I found this one a great texture and coverage and it would be great for a really dramatic look- a close second. 

HI. Here's my face.

Sorry about that- hope you weren't eating.

Anyway, I know that instagrammed pictures of me are not what you read this blog for, but they are here for a reason- I promise! 

I have been obsessing about the Gothic trend for ages now, and am a Gucci fiend, dying to be Anja Rubik in that lace and chiffon maxidress with her killer plum pout and wavy platinum hair.

So just as we approach mid-October, I thought I could start getting all spooky on ya (please refrain from telling me to "take of my mask" etc.) 

I felt I had to step out of my comfort zone and try a beauty trend- something I am often reluctant to do. Gimme a tricky fashion trend, and i'll give it a whirl, but i'm much less adventurous when it comes to my make-up... A smoky eye is daring in my books. 

However, I must man up and try something a bit different... Gothic lips. Eek. 

It's not as scary as it first seems, though, and I must admit I am a bit of a convert. I have spent years piling on nude lipsticks and glosses and now is the perfect time to break free from those understated (*ahem* BORING) neutrals. 
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