Self Depreciation is the New Black

1. Ashish at Topshop £20 in SALE (act fast - only sizes 6 and 10 left online as I write this)
2. GEEK tee at Topshop Petite £18 (it comes in regular too but it's a tad too long for my liking!)

Yesterday, standing in the Topshop changing rooms, I faced a dramatic dilemma. Which of these self depreciating t-shirts should I make my own?

A truly life-changing decision, I know. I am aware that I am both a geek and a loser, but which one is more apt?.. Perhaps I should have done a public vote. 
In the heat of the moment, though, I plumped for the ASHISH at Topshop number, a tee that I have been lusting over since Fashion Week, purely because I preferred the sleeves (the GEEK one isn't such a fan of my doughy upper arms.) 

You may find my fondness for these slogan tees somewhat odd, but arrogance is far overrated. I am willing, now more than ever, to embrace my LOSER status because...

A) I love cheese jokes. Not cheesy jokes...Jokes about cheese.


B) I have a list of my top five dog breeds. Sexy.

C) I wear thermals, a lot, and I have even worn them to nightclubs. 

See, self depreciation is so in this season!

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