Skulls and Sparkles

1. Skull and Flower Ring £171
2. Silver Crystal Ring £303
3. Sapphire Skull Ring £400
4. Skull and Flower Ring in Silver £72
5. Magic Ring £99
6. Crystal and Gold Ring £385

I have been infatuated with Zoe & Morgan jewellery for quite some time now, and with Christmas just a few months away, I felt it best to begin posting some beautiful gift ideas. Just if anyone wants to treat me, you know? 

These are such beautifully delicate pieces which will last a lifetime. While they are a little bit on the expensive side, these rings are unique and understated but still fashion forward.

Shop the ever fabulous Zoe & Morgan here. It is fine jewellery with a cool, grungy twist. 

The perfect stocking filler for princesses and wealthy sorts, or simply a great "main present" for the rest of us!
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