Sunday Smilers!

1. Feminist Ryan Gosling £8.99
2. Never Have I Ever £6.99
3. BOO book £8.99
4. Understand Rap £7.99
5. Listography Notepad £11.99

I'm unnaturally happy today... I've only had one coffee as well.

Well, it is Sunday after all!

Not sharing my uncharacteristic cheer? Simply forget that it's the dreaded Monday tomorrow and tuck into an indulgent roast or sink into a candlelit bath with the latest issue of Vogue and a glass of fizz. Today is YOUR day, alright?

If you still can't get a smile on your face, then check out one of these lovely little books from Urban Outfitters- the perfect kooky addition to any home. 

I almost bought the Feminism by Ryan Gosling one... Next time, UO.

It is 20% for students so wanna get your skates on, eh?
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