Trick or Treat!

1. Topshop Earrings £3.50
2. Topshop Shades £16
3. Jacket from Amazon £15
4. H&M Trousers £14.99
5. Topshop Vest £6
6. Topshop Peep-Toes £30 in SALE
6. ASOS bracelet £8

Halloween is a matter of weeks away and I am a little excited to celebrate here in London!

However, I find the ubiquity of lingerie-based Halloween outfits somewhat, for lack of a better word, horrendous. 

So what are the options for us fashion-obsessed lot? Dress up as Karl? Dress up as Anna? Ho-hum...


I shall be dressing up as the amazing Patsy Stone in a tribute to my favourite comedy show ever: Absolutely Fabulous, which is the best thing the BBC has ever done. Perhaps, in light of recent revelations, the only decent thing the BBC has ever done. 

Bottle of Stolly in tow and a beehived wig, I shall be doing my favourite fictional fashion-journo proud!
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