The Prettiest Dresses Are Worn To Be Taken Off...

1. Fur Slouchy Clutch at River Island £55
2. INCREDIBLE Fuschia lace dress at Three Floor Fashion £98 (buy, buy, buuuuuy!)
3. Balenciaga-style studded cuff at Chelsea Doll £11
4. Spike Earrings at Topshop £8.99
5. Incredible studded Zara heels at £79.99
The internet is full of all sorts of wisdom isn't it? Todays blog post nabbed it's title from a little phrase I saw on Facebook this morning and fell in love with.

And this dress by Three Floor Fashion is very much a case in point.

I have been crazy about Three Floor since I spotted their dresses in The Evening Standard (see my initial post here) and there new collection is their strongest yet, in my view.

This hot pink lace dress is just so beautiful and totally belies it's £98 price tag. It is unique, stunning and wonderfully made. I won't tell them it's not McQueen if you don't. Pair with black accessories to tone down the pretty pink lace and add an almost sinister edge. 

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