Crazy for Cara

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Now there's a phrase we haven't heard for a while: the 'it' girl. 

She used to be everywhere, more often than not taking the form of a Tatler-ready socialite, longing to sink her claws into Prince Harry. Of course, the 'it' girl had a limited shelf life, partying as much as humanly possible and spending ludicrous amounts of money before collapsing in a self-pitying heap as the gossip magazines fixated their gaze on someone prettier, someone younger, someone 'it'-er.

However, one really must question this term, for I fear it has become misinterpreted. In gossip magazines, for example, the term 'it' girl used to be thrown around to describe everyone from Big Brother rejects through to girls famous solely for their bedroom antics and posing in their scanties. 

I feel it should mean something more, for it could be the perfect term to describe the select few women who have gone beyond successful in their field, who have gone beyond famous, who have gone beyond iconic. Women with what is widely known as the x factor or, in fashion, the 'it' factor.

I can count such women on one hand. Undoubtedly, Edie Sedgwick is one, Kate Moss an other, and 2012 has brought us a new, exemplary addition to the list of genuine 'it' girls- a little Miss Cara Delevingne.

Don't know if you've heard the name?

Now, we shant pretend for one second that Cara Delevingne is just your average girl. There is no denying that the divine Delevingne sisters are from a rather well-to-do family, spending their teenage years partying with the elite while us mere mortals were getting tiddly on WKD dancing to Cascada and other such Europop. She has had a rather more privileged upbringing, but that has very little significance in the grand scheme of Cara's unfathomable success. 

Of course, there is another little advantage on Cara's part: the looks. She certainly has all the essentials for a top model du jour- the stature, the enviably endless legs, the wide innocent eyes and the sultry pouty lips. She has the big hair, the razor-sharp cheekbones, and, most importantly the worlds most incredible unruly eyebrows. In essence: she has the face that launched a thousand hate-tweets from One Direction fans when Harry Styles fell under her spell.

Oh, and at just twenty years of age Cara has already fronted campaigns for Chanel, Zara and Burberry, her most recent being a fabulously 90s DKNY campaign shot by Patrick Demarchelier (check it here). She has strutted her flawless stuff for Oscar de la Renta, Jason Wu and Stella McCartney and was recently ranked 25th on's top 50 Fashion models. Oh, and she has also walked for Victoria's Secret, an accolade that a select few catwalk models can boast.

Still, in this day and age, fashion models really are ten-a-penny. There are so many stunning young women who the fashion industry have grown to adore, but there is no denying that Cara has something more. With over 265,000 followers on Twitter, Miss Delevingne is a part of a new breed of supermodels. This lovely English girl is so much more than a coat-hanger who just so happens to look incredible in everything from trench coats to frothy couture, Cara is a personality in herself and also has bucket-loads of likeability. After all, what other model has fans (The Delevingner's) setting up a number of dedicated Twitter accounts, including Cara's Boobs, Cara's Chin and Cara's Thigh-Gap? It's safe to say that this little lady, who can count Rita Ora and Georgia May Jagger among her chums, is the face of 2012, and it looks like 2013 is certain to make Cara's star shine that little bit brighter.

Though a fabulously successful model in her own right, a little flick through the latest edition of Style.Com Print reveals that no one is more surprised by this rapid rise to recognition than the girl herself. She is charmingly unfazed by her success, and is not content with conquering the fashion industry, setting her sights on Hollywood. With a little cameo in Anna Karenina, it is little surprise that Cara is destined for so much more than catwalks and cover-shoots. 

  Alas, we are all are smitten, for Cara puts the fun back in fashion. Crossed-eyes and warped pouts are not often commonplace backstage, but as soon as Miss Delevingne is in the house, it's silly faces and smiles all round. At last, a fashionable figure who does not take herself stupidly seriously- a breath of fresh air. (Take a look at her Tumblr account, a case in point.)

So she's beautiful, she has a relaxed style which saw her take fifth place in Grazia's Best Dressed List of 2012, she is successful, funny, friendly and a huge hit in fashion circles. With all this in consideration, we really should give in to jealousy and despise this lucky devil, but we certainly do not. Why, most of us love her, and a number of tweets have confirmed that, indeed, we sort of want to be her.

How so? Well, Cara is terribly chic, but she's also ALMOST normal. She just seems like a girl having the time of her life, spending Christmas in her tiger print onesie, eating the odd McDonalds, and this is what we have grown to love about her. She's ever so slightly goofy, aptly described by Ruby Warrington as a beautiful gollum, but she's also ridiculously cool. 

Roll on 2013, Cara's big year, I don't doubt, and long live Miss Delevingne's unique brand of fashionable fun.
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