Gift Guide: Sweet Tooth

So, in a stark contrast with my previous gift guide (ahem, here) I bring you something a little sweeter.

A lot sweeter, actually!

Terrifyingly, the average person puts on a maahooosive five pounds around Christmas, but who can blame us when there are so many gorgeous treats around?! It really is rather difficult to stay in those size 8 skinny jeans when faced with a selection box and copious glasses of champagne... Lord help me!

Anyway, there are very few girls- or, indeed, boys- who would not thank you for something sweet on Christmas day so here are a few suggestions that are sweeter than honey.

Who? The sweet tooth is pretty much any boy or girl who goes gaga at the thought of a big bag of fudge or weak at the knees when faced with the Selfridges food hall (me? of course not...)

What does a sweet tooth love? Chocolate, biscuits, cup cakes, marshmallows, meringues, baking, sweet smelling goodies, gummy sweets, macaroons, cocktails- if it's sweet, they shall take it. 

Aah, easy peasy, so what's out there this Christmas?!

1. Hotel Chocolat The Yule Buche Collection (with slate) £25
2. The Biscuiteers Little Shoes Tin £30
3. Lily Vanilli's Sweet Tooth Cookbook £8 from Amazon
4. Black Cherry Candy Cane 99p each at Mrs Kibbles
5. Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate £6.50 by Artisan du Chocolat
6. Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Candle £29
7. Art of Mallow Salted Caramellow Marshmallows (available here- such lovely flavours!) £2.75
8. Individual Alternative Mince Pie by Hotel Chocolate- so tasty!
9. Gingerbread Cookies white chocolate fusion bar £3 at Artisan du Chocolat
10. Harvey Nichols "Fashionista" hamper- £75 (contains chocolate toffee, chocolate and nut biscuits, red berry tea bags, Baci di Nama chocolate hazelnut biscuits, marzipan fruits, wild flower honey, pink grapefruit marmalade and sauvignon blanc)
11. Fauchon Macaroons and Champagne gift set €37
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