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Crazy Fitspiration- all images are from my Pinterest board WELL FIT (here) where you can find the original source of each image.

New year is a funny time, isn't it? Following what can only be described as festive overindulgence, force-fed to us through advertising, BOGOF offers and irresistible editions of Terry's Chocolate Orange, everything suddenly changes and we are urged to detox, to get our act together with the dawn of the new year. "A New Year, A New You!" they all say, and all of a sudden that entire Heston's Christmas pudding feels extra naughty, shameful even, especially with that tub of brandy butter. 

It's widely known that Christmas is the time of year to store fat for the winter months, keep out the chills and such lark, and over the party season the average woman gains five pounds- just a couple off half a stone. That is certainly enough to have an impact on your body, and also your health, and while we may have enjoyed a month or two of cocktails, Quality Streets, champagne and roast potatoes, I feel that the time may have come to give myself a little kick up the backside when it comes to my fitness. I want to be well fit, me.

Now i'm not saying we need to go all holistic, macrobiotic, Paleo, Paltrow-esque, but it's always nice to welcome in the New Year in the best way possible, by feeling comfortable in yourself. Healthy, and happy.

My fitness kick isn't going to be high-intensity, or over strenuous, but it will be just enough to get me feeling in tip-top condition for a brand spanking new year! 

1. Jack Wills t-shirt now £19 
2. Adidas by Stella McCartney leggings £60
3. Sweaty Betty crop/sports bra in Hydrangea now £20
4. Jack Wills Amberstone leggings now £19
5. Sweaty Betty Dumbbells £25
6. H&M sports bra £12.99
7. Adidas by Stella McCartney Afzelia shoes now £77 
8. Bobble water bottle £8 at Harvey Nichols 
9. Jack Wills Lyngford yoga short now £19
10. Nike Free 5.0 trainers from Office now £50 
11. Wildfox t-shirt at Harvey Nichols now £84
12. Adidas by Stella McCartney running shorts now £25 at Net-A-Porter

A regime of pilates, gentle jogging, yoga and swimming will be filtered into my schedule, alongside daily ab and arm exercises to sculpt and tone. Diet coke is out, green tea is in and I will be flushing out all these wine-based toxins with muchas water.

If you find that motivation is your problem, then perhaps take a little look on Pinterest for some images that will make you long to reach your full potential- my board Well Fit is full of envy-enducing images of ridiculously beautiful women with the flattest tummies imaginable, alongside some great fitness tips and recipes for healthy post-gym meals and high energy snacks to fuel your regime.

I find it helpful to work out what you want to gain from your exercise, the pros that will make you get out of bed that extra half-hour early and keep you going when all you want is a packet of crisps and an episode of Miranda. Nothing drastic need be done, but make the necessary changes to your body and the consequences can be rather far-reaching. I find that most frustration, most anger and upset, can be solved by a good run. 

Always remember that exercise should never be a chore- it can be ridiculously fun, particularly with a cracking playlist. I have popped some of my favourite work-out songs below, most of which make a refreshing change from every gym's favourite Eric Prydz mix. 

Equally important is exciting work out gear, which is pretty abundant in the sales at the moment (see my picks above). Go for bright colours to put a smile on your face as well as high-tech fabrics and cool, comfortable shapes.

Most importantly, though, always remember that in order to exercise properly you need to be hydrated and completely nourished- snack on nuts, dry fruit and high-protein snacks such as Bounce Balls and NAKD bars. There is no point in cutting out carbs, but just stick to good ones, and make sure that you get plenty of protein.

Feel free to comment below guys, I really appreciate it !

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