Sale Buys: Saint

1. Equipment Blouse from Net-A-Porter NOW £132
2. Camel Coat from The Kooples NOW £210
3. Black Blazer from
The Kooples NOW £238

4. Black Pumps with gold detail at ASOS NOW £15
5. Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou lingerie set at Harrods NOW £27.95 (bra) £19.95 (thong) 6. Mulberry Hetty Shoulder Clutch  NOW £357
7. Cream and Black Satin Jumpsuit from Mason by Michelle Mason at
Net-A-Porter NOW £246
8. Tan Ankle Boots by
Zara NOW £39.99

As far as i'm concerned, the sales are always a mixed bag. An array of ever so slightly tatty pieces, rubbing shoulders with some true gems.

It's easy to get carried away in the sales but if you really consider each purchase, it shouldn't be all too stressful for either you, or your bank balance.

If i'm honest, I find that there are two types of sale shopper: the saint, and the sinner. 

Although the name suggests that the saint is the good shopper and the sinner the bad, this is not necessarily the case. 

The saint is the sensible shopper, the one who buys pieces with longevity, classic items that are unlikely to date. I fall into this category- I know what I like, and I stick to that when it comes to sale shopping.

The sinner is the one who simply can't resist indulging in pretty, opulent pieces. Shimmering little dresses, beautiful luxurious lingerie and party shoes that pack a punch. They aren't going to spend more, but they are all about treating themselves. 

Here are my saintly picks from the lovely jubbly sales- the timeless picks that will see you through season by season.

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