A gorgeous burger at the delectable Hotel Condes de Barcelona - perhaps my proudest culinary moment of 2012!

This first week of January is always a bit of a blur... Discounted sofas, cheap Christmas decorations and more sales than you can shake a candy cane at, it's a pretty bizarre time.

In addition, early January is also the only time of year when we are urged to watch our waistlines more than usual. And this is really quite a feat for a woman living in Britain in this day and age.

Each year I never cease to be amazed by how many ridiculous diets we are fed: the cleanses, the detoxes and, even more worryingly, the fasts. 

As much as i'm a firm believer that a new year offers a new start, I am also a believer that you should actually enjoy yourself! Why deprive your body of lovely food, great nights out and pleasurable activities just because your weekly glossy says so?..

 Life is for living, after all.

In all honesty, I can think of far more reasons NOT to detox than I can to detox, and these are detailed below. As much as I will be trying to get fit this year (see here), this is purely for my own health rather than aesthetic reasons, so in addition to my ever-so-slightly depressing fit-spiration, this blog post shall act as my FUN-spiration. 

After all, I shall be damned if I spend another day of my life beating myself up for eating a box of choccies or crying over a bowl of pasta (yes, that did actually happen)

1. I don't know whether you can read this Paperchase card (£2.75) but it has two pictures of otters with the simple words "My Significant Otter"... Anyone who knows me will understand my appreciation of this.

2. Mm mm mm! These passionate La Maison du Chocolat chocolates, available just in time for Valentines Day 2013, are the perfect incentive to stay well away from the detox. Kate Moss once said "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" but I implore her to try some of these divine new chocolates and stand by her word? With delights such as aromatic pepper vanilla and smoky woody caramel, these romantic chocolates could tempt even a saint.

3. All together now- aaaaw. This "You're So Sweet" card from Paperchase is just that- ridiculously sweet! (£2.50)

4. And what lady can be without her champagne, really? A diet or detox that deprives a woman of such is just terrible. This divine Brut Rose edition from Nicolas Feuilallatte is just the ticket! (£30 for 75cl from John Lewis

1. This Sakura Scrub from Rituals is perfect for boosting circulation and thus reducing cellulite. It also smells and feels absolutely delectable. With a delicate cherry blossom aroma, this soft scrub is a treat to use! (£14.50)

2. Supposedly this Sit Tight body-firming serum from Soap and Glory works a charm. I am extremely keen to try it, but if any of you guys have please do give me your thoughts! (£16.50)

3. I use this NIP+FAB Upper Arm Fix religiously and made my way through two bottles in 2012 - I genuinely do think that this caffeine rich gel firms up my arms a treat, without having to slave away on bicep curls or whatever those made gym bunnies call 'em. It is also a bit of snip at £12.95, and it also has a zesty citrus scent.

4. I am dying to try out the Bliss FatGirlSlim treatment regime- it must be iconic for a reason, surely! It is £30 for these minis- if you've tried FGS, please do comment or email me with your thoughts.

I feel like a big, fat AMEN is in order for this one! The DKNY S/S 2013 collection was full of relaxed denim (image from Catwalking) and you can shop Topshop's fabulous £42 slim boyfriend jeans here. 

1. The best detox? Drink plenty and plenty of water! My new years resolution (well, one of them) is to do so and I have already noticed my skin to be that little bit clearer. I also have a little tip for curing a hangover before it even begins... No matter how sleepy you may feel, drink a pint of water before bed and all those nasty toxins will be diluted. Quench your thirst in style with this rather lovely DVF Edition of Evian from Harvey Nichols (£3.95)

2. If you are really serious about cleansing your body, green tea is a good place to start. This Organic Matcha from Teapigs is an award winning "super tea" which is absolutely swimming in anti-oxidants that your body will certainly thank you for. It isn't the cheapest at £24.95, but i've head some great things about this pure, fine blend.

3. If you want to pack in plenty of protein and fibre, check out the Bodyism cleanses at Space NK. They aren't exactly cheap (this Ultimate Cleanse chap will set you back £45) but they promise all sorts of treats for  your body from anti-ageing through to weight loss.  

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