LFW AW13: Shiny Pretty Things

Apologies that my bog posts are have been few and far between of late, I have been so busy. Like insanely busy. I have totally forgotten that I am actually still at uni, and I don't doubt for even one second that my grade this term is going to have to go down the toilet... Go easy on me, tutors, i've been working super duper hard.

I am so exhausted that I literally sleep every time I sit down for more than half an hour. Gotta love a snooze on the central line.

Of course, it is LFW at present, and I have not only been busy with shows for my blog, but I have also been offered some lovely treats by Handpicked Media, who put a number of us bloggers up in a stunning suite of the One Aldwych hotel. I have also been busy with work at Atelier-To-Go, who held an exciting pop-up event in Abimarvel's Apartment.

Let's just say, it's been a busy few days.

As i have been such a dire blogger and haven't posted thus far, I thought I would condense all my LFW observations into a number of categories, and first up is the aptly titled Shiny Pretty Things, full of glistening jewellery from a number of Fashion Week presentations and exhibitions. Enjoy! 
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