Reiss SS13: Fashion Blogger Picks

As a fashion blogger with the fantastic guys at Handpicked Media, I was invited along to the lovely REISS S/S13 press day, where the team were showing off the most delectable pieces from the womenswear, menswear and 1971 ranges. You may or may not have seen my original blog post about the collection (which you can read here), but I thought i'd just show you this lovely video which popped up on my Twitter feed (shameless plug: follow @SWfashion_ if you like) last week.

The video sees me in some pretty brilliant fashion blogging company including Navaz from Disney Roller Girl, Anna from South Molton St Style, Isabelle from Isabelle OC and Carina from Carina 100 as we all explain our favourite pieces from the collections. 

I just thought i'd share it with you, alongside some of my top picks from the upcoming SS13 collection at Reiss. I have only picked a few pieces from the ever-elegant mainline collection, but do stay tuned for some yummy picks from their rather cool 1971 line. 

In addition, I must apologise for how many times I say the word "beautiful" in this clip, but do be kind for I had very little time to prepare. Plus, I am the first to admit that I do indeed have a face for the radio and therefore the camera is NOT my friend. 

I doubt i'll be debuting SW Fashion TV any time soon, to put it gently.

Do let me know what you think ladies and gents! 

1. First up we have this gorgeous little dress, which is actually available to buy now for £159. I love the pretty monochromatic print that is a little bit geometric but still feminine and very pretty. This dress would just be perfect for work paired with my new pointy studded flats and a gorgeous handbag. It would also look rather fabulous paired with a certain pair of hot pink cage sandals...

2. This cute little belt is available to buy online now for a very reasonable £39. It is just a gorgeous neutral belt for spring time, working with every colour from juicy watermelon through to marshmallow pink. Buy it
here and wear with a slick white shift and bold shoes.

3. These shoes are just beautiful. I used to have a strange aversion to all things barbie pink, but this season that has all changed, for I am beginning to appreciate the sophisticated side of pink, and these shoes have that down to a fine art. Reminiscent of the iconic YSL cage boots of 2009, these hot pink shoes in suede and patent leather really do make a statement. I won't tell anyone their not designer if you don't!

4. This vibrant coral mini handbag with gold hardware is almost good enough to eat! It feels oh-so summery with this bright fruit punch shade, which particularly comes alive when paired with glossy gold. I really am smitten with this handbag, it is such a delightful colour and the styling is clean and simple. I'd wear it with white, for you can't go wrong with a little bright and white.

5. This dress is so feminine in a contemporary way, which I really do love. A little white dress is a wardrobe staple, so it'd be mad not to treat myself to this one. It reminds me of a little white bubble dress I had when I was around fifteen years old, only this is far more sophisticated with sheer frills and straps and a flattering slouchy shape.

6. Last but not least we have some cute little sandals. I must admit that this hot coral shade just has me longing for poolside bubbly and summer sunshine, but I shall have to come back down to earth and face the fact that London is cold. BOO. When it does come round to buying sandals, though, these are certainly contenders. 

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