Oh Hi, Summer!

This week I have been insanely busy, sorry that I have hardly posted, but my university deadline is just around the corner so I can promise i'll be blogging more over the next few weeks!

Following the ever so slightly hectic fashion week season, all the summer press days are now upon us and, I must say, we are in for a treat!

This week I headed along to Marks and Spencer's Marble Arch store for their high summer press day where I was greeted with all things bright and beautiful!

Aaah summer, how I have missed you. 

M&S have come a long way in the past few years and this season they have really outdone themselves, particularly in their Limited Collection range and the lingerie department, of course. 

The treats on show at the press day were pretty eclectic. From metallic blue leather pencil skirts as featured in glossy magazines through to boxy clutches reminiscent of those by Alexander McQueen, there is not a trend that has been untouched and there are some real hit pieces that are sure to enliven an ailing winter wardrobe.   

I personally loved the neon pieces and the rails of crisp white pieces in tempting textures. Though shoe-wise I was not taken aback, the handbags at M&S are one of the high street's best kept secrets and this season this is more true than ever before with glossy clutches and roomy beach bags. 

The press day itself had an adorable British summer vibe. After all, what brand is more synonymous with Britain than M&S? 

The food was predictably indulgent and delicious. I ignored the burgeoning bikini-based doom and feasted on scones with clotted cream and rhubarb jam, salted caramel profiteroles and crisp dainty macaroons. I then munched on the tangy rhubarb M&S rock on the way home.

The bikinis themselves were, of course, pretty lovely. I actually fell for a number of one-pieces, one in a graphic monochrome print with fluoro beading was a favourite. You can shop the swimwear here, just to get in the summer mood as we brace ourselves for another flurry of snow (WHY?!)

The lingerie was splendid, as ever. The silken Limited Collection balconette sets in sweet shades of mint, pistachio and lemon were particular favourites and I really can't wait to get my hands on them. I'm a little obsessed, actually!

If you're a lingerie lover like myself, then have a browse here... I can't promise you'll be able to resist a purchase though. Ah well, we've earned it.

The Rosie for Autograph collection is looking rather tip-top as well. With the classic rose bra interpreted in rich raspberry satin and softer shades of peach and cream, there is something for everyone: from sexy to subtle.

My favourite fact of the day? Rosie's lunch of choice at M&S meetings is an egg sandwich with a packet of crisps- no mad raw-food cleanses here, ladies!

I have a list as long as my arm of all the things I fancied adding to my summer wardrobe... And it mostly consists of lingerie!

Thank you to the lovely team at M&S for having me along- here's to summer!

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