Pursuit of Prettiness: March's Best in Beauty

Okay, it does NOT actually feel like March. 

Today I have been constantly freezing, so much so that, on return to my flat, I invented a new form of hot yoga which consists of shoulder standing in front of Rachel's electric heater. You heard it here first, guys, I don't want Deborah Meaden and that Dragon's Den lot cashing in on this beauty of an idea before I get this trademarked.

Anyway, I digress (as per), for this post is actually nothing to do with the temperature, nor is it even remotely linked to yoga.

In fact, this post harks back to my age old pursuit of prettiness. I've not done one of these posts in a while, so I thought i'd kill a few birds with one stone and combine this post with another idea of mine.

In honour of Crufts, I thought i'd do a little Best in Beauty thing, rosettes and all. Hopefully, if this works out, I shall be doing one every month to keep you all up to date with the products which actually work... In my view, that is.

While I still may look nothing like Rosie Huntington Whiteley, my pursuit of prettiness has not been a total failure to date and I have tried some truly wonderful products that I would definitely recommend.  

Here are a few favourites for March. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I have truly awful circulation. When I spotted the Elemental Herbology SOS Circulation Serum on Space NK I was more than a little bit intrigued to give it a try. With specific instructions on how to apply, massaging only in specific areas and motions, followed by a cup of natural herbal tea, this vibrantly scented balm certainly smells invigorating. The active ingredients include grapefruit which is known to boost the blood circulation to the skin and I have found that this aromatic gel has a firming, cooling effect which certainly gets the blood flowing to the extremities. I think I have a new favourite skincare brand, actually, having been sent a few samples of the Elemental Herbology facial products... Their delicate cleanser has the most calming, soothing scent and makes cleansing and moisturising at deeply therapeutic process. Shop the range here

It's taken me long enough to actually try it, but now I FINALLY get what all the fuss is about Moroccan Oil. I have heard such great things over the years- backstage at shows, from stylists on shoots, at various magazines- but I have never actually tried it for myself.

I have to admit that I was nervous to apply oil to my hair. My hair is fine, albeit dry, and very rarely looks healthy and bouncy (you can find out about my hair growth attempts here), and therefore I felt that adding oil would just bring in a little greasiness to the mix: not ideal.

However, this oil is a miracle worker. It is light- just a couple of pumps on the midlengths and ends of damp hair and you'll start to notice a difference immediately. It makes my damaged hair feel smooth, silken and, above all, healthy.

It really is a cult product for a reason and i'd highly recommend it.

During London Fashion Week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Handpicked Media LFW Lounge at The beautiful One Aldwych hotel over the weekend. On the Friday, we were joined by a few of the lovely girls from Superdry, promoting their latest launch: Superdry Beauty. With an assortment of beauty staples in bright packaging, in keeping with the Superdry brand, this range is full of great fun beauty products at great prices. Their Kabuki brush is a real standout (it's so soft and popped up in British Vogue this month) as are their great nail polish colours. Bold, zingy and fun, this Soda Pop shade was my shade of choice during fashion week, the perfect way to pep up a dull March day. The polish is £6 and the brush £14, you can purchase in boutiques or online here

I must admit that I have always been a little sceptical of BB creams. It is not easy going for minimal, natural coverage when your skin is erupting in stress-induced spots or dotted with angry acne scarring. When I take off my mask of make-up, what's underneath is not exactly a blessing!

 I have tried a couple of BB Creams but, I must admit, they were nothing to write home about until now. The Bourjois BB 8 in 1 compact is exclusive to Selfridges and I have found this cream to powder formula works wonders for my combination skin.

Nothing makes a complexion look worse than caked foundation and powder, and this balmy compact offers a matte, airbrushed finish just with a few little sweeps across the forehead, chin, cheeks and nose. While I may still have to layer this with a little (read: a lot!) concealer, if you're blessed with decent skin, this one is about to make your make-up bag a whole lot lighter!
This is, perhaps, the third or fourth time I have featured the Jo Malone Sugar & Spice collection on my blog but oh my goodness, they are just the nicest scents around for Spring. They really do smell edible! Each time I have worn the Ginger Biscuit, The Redcurrant and Cream and the Chocolate Orange, I have been complimented on my perfume and asked about it. There is something charming about being asked what you're wearing and replying "Ginger Biscuit". It's spicy, warm and sweet. It's also good enough to eat. 

I am tempted to stock up on these- it breaks my heart that this is a limited edition collection - I want them all!

I hope you liked my post- if you would like to read more of my beauty posts, click here.

Comments are always welcome, you lovely lot! 
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