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If you follow me on Twitter then you will most likely be aware that I am actively involved with the luxury e-commerce boutique, Atelier-To-Go.

I have been working with Team Atelier since the very beginning and I am so lucky to be a part of this exciting venture. There is so much energy, love and talent in the mix at Atelier-To-Go, and I feel that it is this passion which will allow Atelier to shine in the busy online shopping environment.

 E-Commerce is developing at such a rapid pace, particularly within the luxury sector, but I really do feel that Atelier-To-Go stands out. Conveniently, each and every collection on the site is finely tuned to avoid the confusing wealth of choice we are used to. Atelier-To-Go is simplicity redefined, accessible and luxurious fashion without any of the fuss.

What's more, Atelier-To-Go doesn't feel even remotely intimidating. High-fashion can impart fear in the best of us, even those who are usually self-assured. While I certainly don't fall into the latter category there, I will put my hands up and say that though I found London Fashion Week incredible, I also found it somewhat disheartening. This fashion lark is a tough old gig, no matter how much you love it, so I can only imagine how fearsome the land of Celin√© and McQueen must be those who don't share my enthusiasm. I know firsthand that Atelier-To-Go strives to make high fashion feel pleasant, playful and, above all, easy. 

Atelier-To-Go offers an authoritative voice on fashion that we can actually trust: Atelier-To-Go isn't a stereotypical fashion girl who subsists on Diet Coke and cigarettes, rather an intellectual fashion editor who knows just what we want from our wardrobes and HOW we want it. 

I feel that this ethos is particularly relevant at this moment in time as the fashion industry moves towards a clean, contemporary vision of functionality.  

The majority of stylish working women just want their wardrobe to do them justice. We all know what suits us, but part of the problem with online shopping is that there is just too much choice, too much clutter. Atelier-To-Go is clean and curated, with sharply focused editorial content (with fashion features often written by yours truly, the most recent of which you can read here) and contributions from revered fashion experts and icons.

Atelier-To-Go's collections are of the utmost quality and, while nodding to trends where appropriate, the overarching focus is on phenomenal pieces that you can wear and love, time and time again. 

Pieces that not everyone has, but everyone will want.

I will, of course, be posting more about Atelier-To-Go as we move towards our launch at the end of this month, but in the meantime I do hope you will check out the site and let me know what you think.

Tell your friends- Atelier-To-Go is too good to miss.

If you are a fellow fashion blogger and would like to get involved with Atelier-To-Go's exclusive Atelier Girl Dress Up competition to win a beautiful Rebecca Minkoff handbag of your choosing, please do just send me an email at and I shall be in touch.


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