The Poolside Posers Handbook #1

Image edited from THIS one found through Pinterest

I make absolutely no apology for how much of a poser I am. I have always been a poser, and always shall be, from pouting in my Barbie sunglasses as a toddler through to stupidly smiling in my Instagram "selfies" (tis a constant stream over at @SWfashion_ ).

It's not vanity or arrogance- trust me!- but I really do see no problem in being a poser and I hope many of you feel exactly the same way, particularly when Summer comes a-knockin'.

After all, what could make for a better photo op than a sun-drenched scene?!

Most of us are poolside posers, deep down, so let's just embrace it.

If we weren't posers then we wouldn't be so very bothered about getting ourselves bikini-ready, whether thats in tanning, toning or simply shopping.

Yes, I am writing this while sipping white wine and eating a hot crossed bun but I promise I will soon be kicking myself into tip-top bikini shape. This Summer I am thrilled to be travelling to California and NYC (any suggestions for where to eat/drink/shop are more than welcome!) but I really do need to get my act together before I even think about any poolside posing. These abs ain't gonna tone themselves.

Even though it is still positively freezing, Summer is not too far away, so I thought i'd kick things off with a series of posts all about getting ready for a season of poolside posing. I do hope you like them!

First up, I felt i'd ease you in. I am aware many of you are going for the 30 DAY SHRED (which sounds vicious, I must say) and trying all manner of cleanses, detoxes and diets, but I feel it's too early for all that stuff. I'm just going to go shopping.

There are a million and one fabulous swimwear brands around at the moment but I thought i'd bring you my latest discovery for super-flattering beachwear with a sexy, feminine touch: Huit.

My style of choice, the TREASURE ISLAND set is a summer must. You can find it on ASOS here.

The sister brand of Freya, this lovely lingerie label offers a broad selection of swimwear styles to choose from- with everything from boosting bra tops through to plunging swimsuits.

For Spring/Summer 2013, there are some glorious bikinis and one-pieces available from Huit in an assortment of poppy prints and candy sweet colours.

 Another rather fabulous little number, the CLEOPATRA swimsuit by Huit is available on ASOS here 

I was lucky enough to be sent the Magic Air bikini set in the divine Treasure Island print, along with the twist bandeau top to mix-and-match, and the fit is incredibly flattering. Let's just say I don't exactly possess an ample bosom, but the Magic Air style offers a lift that is usually devoid in swimwear and really does make quite a difference. The tropical print marries shades of cyan, yellow, fuschia and lime for a fresh and vibrant poolside statement. A tan is certainly essential, but I can't wait to wear this little number while sunning myself in the Napa Valley.

Anyway, enough wittering from me, here are some of the standout styles from Huit. You can shop online at ASOS and Figleaves.

I adore this hot pink style from Huit (to find stockists you can call (+44)1536765261) which reminds me of the iconic style worn by Ursula Andress in Dr No (in this shot) with the buckle detail bottoms.
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