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This cute little card is available from Paperchase. Aaaw

What makes a good mum? Sugar, spice and all things nice, I think, and I know that my mum ticks all these boxes. 

She's the sweetest woman around. I know i'm biased, but I really think she is. It is beyond comprehension how much stress I have put my lovely mum through, and yet she STILL hasn't thrown me out on the cold streets of Edinburgh to fend for myself. Not even once. That, my friends, is a testament to the loving nature of my mum. She has a solution for my every problem and is the only person who can truly make me feel better when all else fails. My mum is sugary sweet in every sense of the word and I don't think a day is quite enough to celebrate this. 

That is not to say, though, that my mum doesn't have a little bit of spice in her. While i've not got some sort of feisty diva mother, she stands for NO nonsense. While I may have once thought I could get away with murder, mum made DAMN sure that that would not happen. She is the sweetest woman around, and would do anything for her three girls, but she's still the furthest thing from a pushover.

All things nice. I shant bore you all by listing all the lovely, beautiful qualities that my mum has. I could list a million and one reasons why she is my rock and why nobody in this entire universe could replace her. She means the world to me and is the biggest inspiration in my life and always shall be. Nice doesn't do my mother justice, to be honest, and it's important that she knows just how much she means to me this Mother's Day!

Unfortunately I am in London for Mothering Sunday, but I have sent a little treat up to Scotland for my mum to open alongside her Bucks Fizz on Sunday morning (Dad, you'll sort this, okay?).  It's something she won't be expecting and I hope she likes it.

Nevertheless, I simply HAD to do a couple of posts featuring all the other amazing potential gifts for gorgeous mummies everywhere, starting with this SWEET EVERYTHING edit. 

Sugar, spice and all things nice. That's my girl!

1. Though my mum isn't actually a fan of afternoon tea, but most aren't so difficult! If you are based in Edinburgh, i've got a little godsend for you. Eteaket is my favourite place for a spot of bespoke tea in my hometown. It is a quaint but modern little teahouse just off George Street who also sell their own divine blends (Blooming Marvellous is every bit as bloomin' marvellous as the name suggests- a green tea imbued with a marshmallow sweetness is always going to go down well.) For mother's day they are offering a voucher for Afternoon Tea for Two for just £29.99. What could be sweeter than bonding over some jammy scones, classic tea and dainty delights?

2. NOW we are speaking my mum's language! I am my mother's daughter, after all, and we both love a cheeky glass of vino. Or two... Or three... You catch my drift. I love this I HEART Rose which is a sweet snip at just £5.99.

3. If you aren't much of a baker, like yours truly, treat mummy dearest to this Lemon Tart scent from Jo Malone's aptly-titled Sugar and Spice collection. Read my review of the scents here.

4. Another mention of Bucks Fizz! Bucks Fizz (or Mimosa's if you're feeling exotic) are freshly squeezed orange juice topped up with chilled champagne. My mum loves a Bucks Fizz on a special occasion and these chocolates are a lovely little take on the classic flavour combination. Rich and velvety, Charbonnel & Walker chocolates are second to none. No matter how strictly I control my diet, I could easily wolf down a box of these in a sitting.

5. While foodie snobs may be heralding the demise of the macaroon, i'm still obsessed with Ladurée and would happily eat macaroons until the cows come home. Still, i'm welcoming the latest baking trend with Meringue Girls! Dainty, light and in the most luxurious flavours imaginable, I am dying to try these crisp meringues that have been a hit in fashion circles. They are available from Harvey Nichols in cute gift jars- perfect for mum!

6. To reiterate, I still love macaroons, so imagine my delight at coming across these Urban Apothecary candles inspired by Macaroons. Candles are foolproof for mums (and most ladies, to be honest) and these ones sounds truly scrumptious! My pick has to be the Frangipan scented offering. In pretty glass containers, these candles are a wonderfully unique gift.

7. I can't even express how delicious this Redcurrant and Cream scent by Jo Malone smells. Read my review here, or dive straight in and snap it up here.

8. On Sunday, across the land, mother's shall be heralding 7.00 PM "Gin O'Clock". Well, perhaps not, but they should be. Gin always seems to be a favourite with yum mum's and this raspberry infused bottle by Edinburgh Gin makes a lovely gift... And a pretty pink G&T!

 10. Last but not least, for the truly sweet of tooth, the Biscuiteers is the place to go. This indulgent tin box filled with artfully iced butterfly biscuits is a thoughtful gift that she is sure to love. What could be better with a cup of tea? Trust me... These biccys are delicious. 

Tomorrow I shall be posting a few more gifts- stay tuned!

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