Best in Beauty: Early April

I can't believe that my Easter holidays have been and gone and I am back to London today until Summer holidays. Yup. SUMMER.

Without risking sounding like a grandmother, WHERE has this year gone?

Oh to be young again.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my first best in beauty picks for this month- i'll do another batch towards the end of the month because i'm that much of a beauty junkie.

Hope you likey! 

My first picks this month have to be two of the finest mascaras of the moment. Stila is a cult label that last year saw a long overdue relaunch. While their nourishing, super-shiny lip glazes are particularly iconic, I must admit that I have heard nothing but great things about their Stay All Day mascara (£15 from Space NK here). It really is in the name on this one, girls, for this mascara supposedly does not budge all day long. I am thinking that this shall be one for my Summer beauty bag (back off panda eyes- just back off) and will keep you posted when i've tried it. If anyone has already just pop a little comment below.

My second mascara pick is one that I have been using for a little while and must say that I do swear by it for giving me super fluttery eyelashes in just a couple of coats. Don't be perturbed by that snazzy looking old tube, for this MAC False Lashes mascara is certainly a keeper (£18 here). While it is certainly not smudge (ahem - tear) proof, this glossy mascara is thick but not clumpy and is perfect for lengthening and volumising without too much hassle. I always curl with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers beforehand, of course. 

I shudder to think how much money I have spent in this lifetime on lipgloss. I go through it at the speed of noughts, and buy way more than I really should. I just love a good lipgloss, I do. I also am pretty pernickety about the glosses I go for, as nothing is more off-putting than an overly viscous or oily "gloss", it's got to be suitably sticky and preferably sweet. 

My favourite, month by month, is always the NARS lipgloss. It is thick but not gloopy and has just the right amount of pigment to remove any need for a base lipstick or colour. It is a little bit more expensive than your average Superdrug shot (£17.50 here), but it is also a big bit better. This Turkish Delight colour is a pale, powdery pink and is soon to be the latest addition to my ever expanding beauty bag. See ya in Selfridges... Or Space NK... Or Harvey Nicks. I'm not fussy. 

Another product I am really keen to try is the Benefit Dandelion lipgloss (£14.50 here). If anyone has any feedback on it just let me know- I love the blusher personally for it's delicate touch of petal pink, so I can only imagine that the lipgloss is just as lovely. 

I featured these Urban Apothecary candles in my Mothers Day post a while back (after spotting on the amazing Discover and Escape) and I just had to feature them again because they sound SO delicious! I still haven't found an excuse to treat myself just yet, but don't they sound so lovely? Inspired by french macaroons (mmmmm...) these delightfully sweet candles come in an array of sugary scents that sound so very decadent. I felt as we edged into Summer, I should stay true to good old Great Britain and bring out the strawbs and cream! This luxury candle comes in a beautiful little glass jar which is perfect for storing trinkets once the candle is all gone. You can treat yourself here for £30. 

You know i'm off to New York this June, right? Don't know if i've mentioned...

Eep! I am so very excited to visit the Big Apple and on reading a book called The Stylist's Guide to NYC, I got even more excited about checking out some of the cities' big name perfumery stores such as Le Labo.

Le Labo scents are a tad expensive, but they are delightfully unique and can even have the labels personalised. What could possibly be a better souvenir? 

I think I shall be inclined to go for Jasmine. A light but floral Spring scent, this charming and distinctive scent is ladylike but still powerful. You can buy for £95 here or at Liberty (as per the one in the image)

Yesterday over lunch, my mother, sister and I spent a good half hour talking about our favourite nail polish brands, which made for a riotous old time for dad, as I'm sure you can imagine. 

While initially I flew the flag for Essie (I love Splash of Grenadine and Ballet Slippers- call me cliché!) and OPI, my mother plumped for Leighton Denny and my sister full on championed Butter London polishes. 

I must admit that my sister and I rarely agree, but on this one I could not argue. Butter London polishes really are quite fabulous and for Spring they have some delicious shades around. I just featured a couple of my favourites here- Fruit Machine, a poppy candy pink and Kerfuffle, a sugary soft coral. 

The polishes offer great coverage and don't go as streaky as other luxury polish brands tend to. Both these soft new interpretations of pastel shades would be great for the warmer months whether on your fingertips or tootsies. (both £13 at Butter London)

While skincare is not among the most girly or glamourous of beauty products, it is undoubtedly the most important, particularly if you suffer from skin problems like myself.

My skin is scarred from acne, dry in parts and oily in others, and also extremely blemish prone, so I spend my life in pursuit of a regime that will balance all of the above or, perhaps, make it all go away?

While this Eucerin DermoPurifyer hasn't quite cleared everything up, it really is helping. I have been using the cleanser (£9.18 here), toner (£9.18 here), concentrate (£9.50 hereand moisturiser/night here (both £9.18 here) every day and night for the past few weeks and I have noticed a great improvement in my skin.

My skin is nourished and no longer as oily, and spots are far rarer than they have been in the past. I have also been eating a far more nutritious diet since being at home, with more fats than I care to think about, which probably is a contributing factor, but I really would recommend this regime if you're a little conscious of your skin. 

Last but not least, a little touch of luxury from Anya Hindmarch. I really do wish I could call this make-up bag my own, but I think it's something I would need to ask for as a gift!

How adorable is it? This "Face Repair Kit" in soft metallic leather is £135 (here) but is perfect for carrying around all your favourite beauty essentials! 

How could you resist?!
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