Dreaming of Delilah

When Whistles announced that they would be showing at London Fashion Week, they certainly cemented there position at the very top end of affordable luxury fashion.

When they announced that they would be selling personalised, monogrammed clutch bags from their gorgeous Dover Street store, I was smitten.

For some unknown reason i'm a real sucker for anything personalised. I don't doubt that this comes from a childhood without any "personalised" items. After all, Edinburgh Zoo didn't do penguin magnets with Shona on them, and when my sisters got lovely personalised mugs, I got "To a Darling Daughter" because Shona is just not a name apparently. I'm not bitter- not bitter at all.

Well, thank you Whistles for bringing me a seriously stylish way to add a personal touch to my accessories collection- this beats a hairband hands down.

The best part is that this all feels rather high-end and luxurious, but it is not about to break the bank. At £95 for an initialled Delilah clutch (a simple but infinitely stylish zip-top pouch) this is a touch of class that won't devastate my student budget!

I am toying with treating myself to the sugary pink version, as modelled by Olivia Palermo, but if you are a rather more serious sort, you can also get the Delilah in black with aqua monogramming.

Unfortunately this service is not advertised on the Whistles website, but check it out here nonetheless and follow them on Twitter for regular updates @thisiswhistles

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