Get Your Neon On

Okay so tomorrow is the start of May, today I went out in a strappy camisole and a lace jacket from The Kooples and this afternoon I received an email from Company magazine reminding me that it was almost a year ago that I took part in Company Grads 2012 (read about it here if you've forgotten!). I am 20 next year and will be a graduate by next Summer. This is scary- i'm practically a grown-up.

In the mean time, rather than getting all teary about this being my last year as a teenager, I shall instead do a bright and beautiful post with a whole lot of glowing neon products to put a big summery smile on my face.

Smile, guys, it's Summer (ish)!

1. Essie polishes are my favourite. There, I said it, let's just all move on. They are so richly pigmented and always in the most glorious colours with the cheekiest, cheeriest names. Their new neon collection for 2013 is deliciously juicy and I want every last shade. This bubblegum shade is called Bottle Service.

2. Acid green nails are not to everyone's taste, granted, but with a name like Shake Your $$ Maker, how could you resist this funky shade?  A tan is an essential, i'd imagine, but go for this shade if your feeling a little brave. 

3. Orange you lovely! Gosh, one day i'll cease with the embarrassing puns, but that day is not today. This acidic orange shade is perfect to pep up your nude studded sandals and it has a suitably uplifting name: Saturday Disco Fever!

4. This refreshing purple shade reminds me of Atelier-To-Go and, of course, for that reason I love it. DJ Play That Song is like parma violets on acid and would look amazing worn with hot pink sandals or lashings of aqua (my new favourite hue... as this instagram shot shows)

5. Topshop's fashion-forward budget beauty collections really are second to none, and this sexy peach Lip Bullet is fabulous for adding a little vivacity to your make-up bag and will bring a tropical touch to a "bare-faced" look.

6. Another gem from Topshop, this Bombshell lipstick just screams 90s nostalgia! In a clear case with an almost gelatinous look, this bubblegum pink shade is great fun. Get them feelin' Hella Good with this fabulous fuschia. 

7. I spotted this Ciaté polish a couple of days ago on my Twitter feed and I have been getting rather excited about it since. An interpretation of the famous Caviar set, this bad boy glows in the dark: seriously! Read more about Ciaté Corrupted Neon here.

8. The Red Roses scent from Jo Malone is one of the most iconic fragrances of recent years, and all with good reason. It is soft, sweet and feminine but also still a little musky and certainly rather sophisticated. In her new role as Style Editor to the brand, Charlotte Stockdale has updated the scent by dipping in neon pink paint with a limited run of 300, each one individually engraved. Available exclusively at Selfridges, Charlotte's neon collection also offers a number of other pretty rosy treats with a little fluoro-floral touch.

9. Burberry beauty is usually all about redefining sultry nude shades, but this new lipgloss shade, Pink Sweet Pea, takes a new direction with a zingy, poppy colour and luxuriously glossy finish. It is £18.50 at Harvey Nichols here

10. The go-to beauty brand for all things bold and theatrical, if you're looking for a show-stopping lip colour then you need not look much further than Illamasqua. Though it is certainly not one for shrinking violets, this Intense lipgloss in Indulge is a bit of a corker. Pucker up boys! It is £14.50 here. 

11. Be a blushing beauty with this Love blush from Lancome. A pearly blush with an apricot core and candy pink trim, this blusher is flecked with light-reflecting particles to make it the ideal partner to gloriously bold lips. The packaging is rather cute too! The perfect gift, this blusher is £34 from Harvey Nichols here. 

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