Hoppy Easter Monday!

I think i'm addicted to Pinterest- and this image is another of Pinterest's very finest. Wickle bunny foo foo. You can find the original image here if you feel like spending your Monday oooh-ing and aaah-ing  
Happy Easter Monday you gorgeous lot. 

I hope that, like me, you shall spend this morning nursing a chocolate hangover while watching trashy TV... That's what Bank Holiday's are for, you know.

I just thought i'd share with you some lovely Easter treats to keep that chirpy Spring smile on your face! 

First up, I found this adorable (and easy) recipe on Pinterest for Bunny Tails! All you need to do to make PIZZAZZERIE's sweet treats (original recipe here) is whip up a tub of softened Philly, add a teaspoon of Almond Extract- or coconut for a tropical touch- and then add 4-5 "cups" of icing sugar- one by one- to create a thick dough. Once you've got the perfect consistency- think truffles!- roll the mixture into 1 inch balls and roll in desiccated coconut.

Yummy scrummy, as Mary Berry would say. 

If the very thought of more food is making you a little queasy, go for these sweet scented candles from the lovely Yankee. 

Chocolate Bunnies smells, as the name subtly suggests, like creamy milk chocolate bunnies- the very essence of Easter (£19.99 here).

If you've overdone the chocolate this weekend- i'll put my hands up to that one- then opt for the pretty in pink Bunny Cake candle which is a divine marriage of coconut, citrus and vanilla- gimme, gimme, gimme! It's currently out of stock, but keep checking back here to buy it for £19.99. 

1. The glorious Sitting Bunny pendant is available here for £120
2. The Sitting Bunny earrings are an adorable update on the simple gold stud. Buy here for £108
3. My favourite is this Sitting Bunny ring in gold which you can buy here for £180
For something rather more indulgent, put a Spring in your step with these divine little bunny pieces by Alex Monroe.

I've long been a fan of Alex Monroe's dainty fine jewellery and I only wish I could afford to treat myself to these gorgeous golden trinkets!

The bunny pendants, earrings and rings are the perfect Easter Monday treat, if you ask me. How very adorable is the twig ring with diamond detail?

1. Speckle me pink with SCARCE (here £14.50)
2. Speckle me blue with FRAGILE (here £14.50)
3. Speckle me purple with SPECKLE (here £14.50)
Last but not least- a little Easter sweetness for your fingertips from ILLAMASQUA.

Cadbury's sweet pastel Mini Eggs are an Easter tradition and I could (and would) happily eat bag after bag of these tasty morsels!

If you're equally enthusiastic about good old Mini Eggs, you'll be pleased to see these Speckled polishes. They look amazing on (i've had a look at a number of beauty blogs) and i'm particularly fond of the duck-egg blue shade.
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