Friday Jungle Fever

Bikini by Kenzo at Matches, £185

Oh my golly gosh- it's positively tropical out there, isn't it?

(Note the hint of sarcasm there, boys and girls, I'm all too aware that my "sense of humour" does not always translate across the internet)

Unless you are on some sort of decadent holiday, or have an exceptionally high body temperature, you are probably freezing your toes off right about now just like me. May, you say? No. I don't think so.

It is unseasonably cold in London at the moment but, on the plus side, I have just finished off my final term of second year and am looking forward to beginning perhaps the most exciting work placement of my life next week.

Yaaay for Maaay.

Anywaaay, I just thought i'd do my best to brighten up what, for most, is a very dreary day with this glorious bikini which has just landed at

Granted, it is not the cheapest of itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny bikinis, but it is so bang on this season and such a fabulous style. I simply adore the flattering v wiring on the top with criss-cross straps adding an fashion-forward edge to this piece.

With a delicious jungle print that just exudes tropical charm, this little two piece is a wearable interpretation of the nouveau exotic look which made Kenzo such a resounding hit this season.

If you've been working hard on those abs, then this is the perfect way to treat yourself.

Shop this sweet little swimwear staple here.
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