Le Flamboyance

Happy Sunny Sunday, all!

On a day like today, there is nothing more appropriate than some seriously pretty sandals, a floaty little sundress and copious amounts of ice-cream/frappuccinos/frozen-yogurt/Pimms (delete as appropriate).

If you are regular reader of my blog (hi Mum), then you will know that I am something of a girly girl with a penchant for all things glossy, pretty and cutesy. So, I am sure you can all imagine my elation on spotting these sweet Sophia Webster sandals on Never Underdressed.

I have been swooning over the bold, kitsch designs by Sophia Webster for a few seasons now, and these sandals (at Net-A-Porter) really embody the fun spirit of London's latest fashion force. 

With yellow and pink polka-dots on the cylindrical heel and cartoon flamingos kissing at the clear perspex peep-toes, these adorable shoes are like Mr Blobby meets Barbie, in the coolest way possible. 

Granted, they are not exactly a throwaway purchase at £315, but how could you ever be in a bad mood when wearing shoes that are so very jolly?


FUN FACT TIME. A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance... Such divas. 


If this has whet your Sophia Webster appetite, check out these bad boys... More fabulous than a flamboyance. 

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