What's Up Stud?

Mmm it's going to be a scorcher this weekend, so I have spent the majority of today trawling the internet looking for all sorts of ludicrously scimpy outfits that I can wear while i'm still young and fun and all that stuff.

It's my new way of convincing myself that it's okay to spend nearly £200 on one Zara spree... After all, girls, this is the best we are going to look, so may as well make the most of it.

While thinking of a nice little post to do today, I had a little browse on Zoe Karssen's website and found a rather apt sweater (here) "Live Fast Cause It Won't Last", which I feel pretty much sums up my warblings. Beside the sweater was this killer tee and I decided to do a post featuring this Suicide Blonde tee with some sexy punky accessories.

If I could afford this outfit (which I can't... just so you know!) I would most certainly be slinging it in my suitcase for my upcoming trip to New York where I shall be visiting the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition at The Met. How chic... How apt!

Hope you like and hope you are all enjoying the sun!

1. New York designer Joomi Lim is pretty much an obsession of mine at the moment, and this London Calling necklace with pearls and mixed metals is just the thing to jazz up this sexy slouchy t-shirt. I adore pieces that marry silver, gold and gunmetal together seamlessly, and this necklace 100% does that. I am such a statement necklace freak, but this one needs to be mine.

2. When I first spotted this Suicide Blonde varsity tee by Zoe Karssen I was a little bit smitten. It's such a relaxed, cool and fresh tee with a gorgeously flattering neckline. It is around €60, but it is worth it for Zoe Karssen tees are such great quality- so fine and soft.

3. I recently did an interview with Katie Canvin, the lovely co-founder of the glorious Austique boutiques in London, and she tipped me off about this amazing jewellery designer she found in NYC. Jacqui Aiche do the most gorgeously delicate body jewellery including this bracelet ring chain, which will hopefully be coming to Austique very soon. Stay tuned London ladies, or keep checking their website if you're no local.

4. Rebecca Minkoff handbags are another NYC staple, and this iconic MAC clutch in basic black with gleaming golden hardware is a great investment. These handbags are such gorgeous quality, and what I really love about them is that not everyone has one. You can grab this gorgeous number at Atelier-To-Go. If you don't, I will, so get them before they all go. 

5. Boticca jewellery is my one-stop-online-shop for quirky, beautiful jewellery at reasonably accessible pricepoints. These shark tooth bangles from UK based designer Beau & Arrow are just edgy enough to add a little punky punch to this ├╝ber cool look. 

6. This Zara white "skort" is not to everyone's liking, but I love the directional origami-esque front, perfect for smartening up a casual tee. They also come in black and make for a great wardrobe staple with a little fashion-forward touch.

7. Last but not least, the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen... Well, this season at least. These Balenciaga motorcycle wedges are available at Matches for a cool £600 but they are so, so, so, so divine. Is it possible to be attracted to a shoe? 
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