The Poolside Poser's Handbook #2

Image edited from THIS one found through Pinterest
Okay so i've been absolutely awful at updating my blog of late, but I cannot even fathom how busy i've been these past few weeks. I have almost been too busy to sunbathe while sipping Rekorderlig in the park... Well, okay, I made time for that, but drinking requires a little bit less effort than blogging. Just a bit, of course.

I promise, though, that i've got loads and loads of posts lined up... I just need to keep my eyes open long enough to write them!

First on the agenda, though, is the second instalment of The Poolside Poser's Handbook (read the first here, if you fancy) which is all about cheery Summer music for 2013.

Nothing beats a glorious day spent by the pool, basking in the sun with your recently-updated iPod/iPhone/iPad/iWhatever on shuffle. A memorable holiday playlist is every bit as important as a glorious collection of bikinis and a flawless golden tan, and is a great way to stave off sunbathing boredom.

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