Holiday Wardrobe: Dinner in Farallon

As San Francisco is right on the coast, the seafood restaurants are superlative. My darling mother organised the majority of our trip, including our dining spots, and she certainly did a fantastic job.

Though my favourite seafood restaurant in the world remains the critically acclaimed Ondine in Edinburgh (primarily for nostalgic reasons), Farallon on Post Street certainly edges into the top five, even if that is for interior design alone. 

A cavernous building reminiscent of Ursula’s lair in a swirling deep sea palette, Farallon is full of mystical marine charm. Jellyfish lamps and sea urchin chandeliers illuminate the romantic but spacious dining rooms, while sharply suited waiters navigate the plush booths.

Seafood is always regarded as a luxury in my book, and Farallon's dinner menu is suitably decadent. Specialities include smooth local oysters, juicy ruby lobsters and iced Fruits de Mer, all of which appear to be very popular. I started with meaty Louisiana prawns atop a pool of light tomato jus, which was fresh with just a hint of sweetness. My main was the mysterious Ono, a Hawaiian fish rather like Swordfish. This hearty entree was served seared with a rich sauce and seasonal vegetables.

Farallon is also sure to satisfy wine buffs, and my dad was certainly in his element. On arrival we were handed the menu alongside the wine book- no time for lists here, boys and girls- and my dad began his literary investigation.

Granted, Farallon is a bit of a treat, but it really is worth it. For this smart dinner, I decided to wear a monochrome look (sponsored by Zara, apparently)

This gem-embelished blouse is a firm evening favourite of mine, and I love it paired with a printed mini. I finished the look with minimal Zara two-tone sandals, a crystal ring by Accessorize and fingers and toenails painted in sugar sweet Fracas by Chanel.

It really is not the nicest picture, and my legs look like giant redwoods, but I am rather fond of the outfit. Imagine it on Miranda Kerr, okay?
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