Holiday Wardrobe: Sonoma Shopping

Sonoma is full of lovely little pockets of shopping, and I personally far preferred it to shopping in San Francisco.

On our little trip to Sonoma, we stumbled upon some gorgeous galleries and jewellers, and my mum really was in her element. The highlight? A little gallery specialising in Shona sculptures- yes, really- which we naturally bulk-bought.

Who'd have thought a glossy stone frog would be our first holiday purchase?

We perused a wealth of antique jewellery and midnight sapphires before exhausting ourselves and retiring for a lighter lunch in the Sunflower Cafe.

I opted for a grilled chicken salad and a sparkling water, which was just right for the midday sun. The Sunflower Cafe was suggested to us by the charming owner of the aforementioned gallery and it was just what we were looking for. Bright, cheerful and full of locals, it is a must visit for a bite of lunch in the area.

After lunch, tummies full, we chose to mill around town a little more and I was delighted to stumble upon found a fairtrade boutique boasting a wealth of pun-tastic cards. My favourite handcrafted cards were emblazoned with gems such as:

"We otter hold hands"
"You feta have a gouda birthday"
"You make miso happy"
"Owl always love you" 

I think I have found my home.

For this quaint shopping trip, I chose my tiger print Maje miniskirt (picked up in the Selfridges post-Christmas sale) paired with a silken cream camisole from Topshop (they have sold out of cream online but have the blush and cropped versions left)

These spaghetti strap camisoles have come in so handy this Summer and are my latest go-to basic. Silky enough to look elegant but plain enough to remain casual, I love my cream and blush shades for downplaying printed separates. Find a selection here.

In typical Shona fashion, I paired this look with a smattering of golden studs by way of my new Zara tote and studded Dune sandals. The finishing touches were my Topshop heart pendant, which I have also added my Stella McCartney locket to, and my (sadly) scratched tortoiseshell glasses from H&M.
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