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As you all probably know I was born and raised in Edinburgh. Though my heart lies in London and I dream daily of New York, Edinburgh shall always be my home.

After all, home is where the dog is, and Harvey currently resides in his Morningside manor.

While I often moan about missing London, I really do take Edinburgh for granted, and never does this feel more apparent than during the Edinburgh Festival. From August 2nd to 26th, Edinburgh transforms into a hub of hipster activity with elaborate shows, vibrant pop-up restaurants and chic exhibitions. By jove, it almost feels like London!

The Royal Mile is constantly abuzz and restaurant reservations are dreadfully hard to come by, celebrities and style-conscious sorts flood to the city and our dubious nightclubs open their doors 'til the wee small hours (Hive, anyone?).

Yes, London has it's Notting Hill Carnival this weekend but puh-lease, this is the last weekend of the Fringe so let us cheers to that and check out some of Edinburgh's chicest cocktail movers and shakers.

WHERE? Juniper at Twenty Princes Street

WHAT? This slick new bar on Edinburgh's most lively shopping street is a must-see for visitors and a stylish new haunt for locals. Offering stellar views of the skyline, Juniper proposes a wealth of scrumptious cocktails and cool street-food inspired bites to tantalise the tastebuds.

WHO? As Juniper is recently opened, many have yet to discover it. It is a great place for stylish city girls and boys to clink glasses on a special occasion, just as it is a seriously cool spot for girly cocktails on a Saturday night.

WHAT'S THEIR POISON? As the name suggests, this bar focuses on gin ( à la Carom in London's Soho) and their house cocktail marries Caorunn Gin with sharp notes of Belvedere Citron and cloudy apple and a sweet kiss of almond syrup and kiwi fruit. For the traditionalist they also offer a glorious G&T with Caoronn and Fentimans served with a swish apple fan. If you are feeling adventurous they have many quirky cocktails to choose from, some infused with smokey bacon foam (the intriguing Full Scottish Breakfast) through to those based on iconic ice lollies (the Twister is a must for nostalgic 90s kids)

WHAT TO ORDER? Start off with the Juniper then up the ante with the Gimlet.


WHERE? Aperol Spritz Garden at the Famous Spiegeltent at the Assembly Rooms Fringe

WHAT? A hit last year, the Aperol Spritz Garden is the ultimate place to take in the vibrant atmosphere of central Edinburgh. A chilled but lively spot, the uplifting orange-themed garden offers cool locals a taste of the ultra elegant Italian lifestyle.

WHO? The Aperol Spritz garden is constantly abuzz with everyone from ladies recharging their batteries after a shop on Multrees Walk through to well dressed guys relaxing after work listening to an acoustic set. It's a casual but elegant stop and, lest we forget, all the bar staff are really really ridiculously good looking.

WHAT'S THEIR POISON? Silly question: tis the Aperol Spritz, of course. The drink, served over ice in a large wine glass, bears an uncanny resemblance to Irn Bru, but don't let that put you off. It is a classic aperitif in Italy, bringing together sharp Aperol with delicately sweet prosecco and lashings of cool soda water. It is seriously refreshing and the great drink to ease you into a night of re-toxing.

WHAT TO ORDER? Don't be shy and ask that handsome barman for an Aperol Spritz.


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WHERE? Lucky Liquor Co at 39a Queen Street

WHAT? Unless you are living under a rock, I am sure you will have heard of the Edinburgh institution Bramble. A cocktail bar that never fails to impress, Bramble is a notorious speakeasy with luxurious cocktails from the city's most experimental mixologists. It is Edinburgh's worst kept secret. Thankfully this year, the gentlemen behind Bramble have broadened their reach in opening yet another sexy cocktail spot- the intriguing Lucky Liquor Co on Queen Street.

WHO? Bigger and brighter than Bramble, Lucky Liquor Co has a minimal, slightly retro interior that reminds me of the Bourne and Hollingsworth in Soho. With specials scrawled on white tiles in black markers this is an understated but fashionable bar that does not take itself too seriously. The cool-kid crowd certainly reflects this.

WHAT'S THEIR POISON? Lucky Liquor is unique in offering a cocktail menu which changes seasonally, keeping the talented bar staff on their toes. You can be sure, though, that the evolving menu of 13 cocktails will break conventions and tap into culinary trends.

WHAT TO ORDER? A good shout is to ask the barman for a recommendation- they know best, after all.


WHERE? The Pommery Bar and Cafe at the Signet Library

WHAT? A stylish Edinburgh festival institution, the Pommery bar and cafe is a great place to go for a chilled glass of champagne to celebrate, or commiserate, the end of the festival. In a glamourous and grand venue, usually reserved only for private events, the Pommery bar is a high-end spot with oodles of sophistication.

WHO? People of all ages flock to the Pommery Bar for everything from tea and cake through to delicious lobsters and obligatory Champagne.

WHAT'S THEIR POISON? Champagne, darling- keep it classy.

WHAT TO ORDER? I'll have a glass of Brut Rose, please (£12)

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